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Falkirk Distillery takes strides to a greener future in circular economy deal

March 31, 2023

A family-owned whisky distillery in the central belt of Scotland, Falkirk Distillery, has joined forces with innovative biotechnology company, MiAlgae, to drive forward a greener and more efficient whisky industry.

The deal signifies a milestone in achieving Falkirk’s aim of further reducing its carbon and water footprint with cutting-edge technology implementation.

Founded over a decade ago, the independent Falkirk Distillery produces approximately 200,000 liters of spirit a year.

The new agreement will see Falkirk’s whisky by-products processed at MiAlgae’s commercial demonstrator facility in Balfron, Stirlingshire. Applying MiAlgae’s technology as a circular solution, the by-products will be used as feedstock to grow omega-3 rich microalgae as a nutritious animal feed ingredient – something which is currently produced by extracting oil from billions of wild caught fish.

Established in 2016, MiAlgae has created a solution to promote a healthier world by producing a sustainable source of Omega-3 – something which is currently produced by extracting oil from billions of wild caught fish.

The company has developed a novel biotechnology platform which uses low-value coproducts from the food and drink industry as a feed-stock to grow microalgae rich in omega-3 oils. “By utilizing co-products from different industries and implementing innovative biotechnology processes to convert these into added value products, we can protect the environment, while building a vibrant economy,” said Douglas Martin, Managing Director, MiAlgae.

The partnership between Falkirk Distillery and MiAlgae is now underway.

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