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Flavor and sustainability of plant-based food enhanced as Foodiq takes global to local through its production line innovation

September 4, 2023

Foodiq, the Nordic co-manufacturer, has presented a non-dairy Multi-Layer Cooking (MLC) technology, paving the way for Plant-Based Food 2.0. With a focus on consumer well-being, innovation and sustainability, Foodiq's plant-based dairy process promises a brighter and greener future for the global food landscape.

Foodiq's MLC technology offers the ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously within a single tank. Mixing, homogenizing and pasteurizing all take place in one stage, eliminating the need for separate equipment. Delivering next level products as the MLC efficiently transfer ingredients to nutritional value and taste. This innovative technology is perfectly suited for both high-volume productions and quick testing of specialty products. Technology enables handling of small production batches, ensuring swift adaptation to market demands. Furthermore, the technology's versatility allows for easy upscaling when business or volume needs expand, providing an easy transition to meet growing demands.

The key points of Foodiq's Plant-Based Food 2.0 approach are:

Sustainability at the core: Embracing a greener future, the food industry is shifting towards localized production models that substantially reduce distribution costs and CO2 emissions. By minimizing reliance on the global raw material supply chain, this approach aims to create a more sustainable and resilient food industry.

Clean-label delights: As artificial flavorings and sweeteners become passé, the industry is embracing the use of natural flavorings, berries and fruits. This shift ensures that clean-label products with superior taste profiles are the new norm, promoting health-conscious choices for consumers.

Versatile innovation: Foodiq's innovative technology enable the production of an array of products, ranging from fermented yogurts to spreadable cheeses and drinkable products. The versatility of these processes empowers food industry brands to cater to a broad spectrum of consumer preferences.

A capital-light scaling model: Recognizing the need for agility, Foodiq's MLC process presents a capital-light scaling model with 70% lower capex than traditional processing lines. In just eight months, your MLC setup will be ready to revolutionize your plant-based food production, making swift adaptation to market demands a reality.

"We are excited to lead the Plant-Based Food 2.0 movement with our innovative Multi-Layer Cooking (MLC) technology," commented Robert Savikko, CEO of Foodiq. "By combining sustainability, consumer satisfaction, and versatility, we aim to redefine the food industry, one plant-based product at a time."

Foodiq's MLC technology sets the stage for a transformative shift towards a more sustainable and flavor-rich food future. Together with partners and industry pioneers, Foodiq and Nicoya invite the world to embark on this exciting journey towards a better and more fulfilling culinary experience.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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