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Form Nutrition announces Orlando Bloom as Chief Wellness Officer

March 16, 2023

Form Nutrition, the plant-based protein and supplement brand paving the path to performance and overall wellness with plants, has announced Orlando Bloom’s appointment as Chief Wellness Officer, where he will counsel on creative direction and product development amongst the brand’s continued expansion into the US market.

As Chief Wellness Officer, Bloom will be involved in the product development process, testing new flavor profiles and incorporating the product into new recipes. He will also advise on the brand’s overall creative direction and aesthetic, championing the purpose-driven products. With Bloom joining Form Nutrition, the responsibly sourced, science-backed, delicious plant-based proteins and supplements will continue to disrupt the wellness, health and lifestyle categories – showcasing the brand as a true innovator and sustainability leader in the space.

“I’ve been a fan of Form’s plant-based proteins since they launched in the UK in 2017, when I met the co-founder Damian in the gym and he introduced me to his brand,” shared Bloom. “The products are an essential part of my daily routine, from Performance Protein in my morning smoothie to ZZZZs sleep supplement at night. I am thrilled to join the team as both an investor and Chief Wellness Officer to contribute to Form’s mission and inspire an impact-driven movement that encourages health beyond personal appearance and wellbeing.”

Launched in 2017 in the UK, Form Nutrition was born when Damian Soong started rethinking his habits and the effects diet had on health and the climate. Alongside co-founder, Natalia Bojanic, they created a plant-based protein powder and supplement wellness company rooted in responsible business practices. These practices permeate through every aspect of Form – from their careful selection of plant-based ingredients, to their commitment to give back to communities in need.

Form was the first protein brand to become a Certified B Corporation in the UK, use compostable packaging and is also certified Carbon Neutral and Ocean Positive through its partnership with SeaTrees, meeting the very highest standards of social and environmental impact.

“The decision to partner with Orlando felt very natural to us,” said Damian Soong, Form’s Co-Founder & CEO. “We share many similar beliefs when it comes to bettering ourselves and the world around us, so we couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with him as we continue to introduce the US market to our mission, products and overall health-driven lifestyle.”

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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