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Fridge Raiders upgrades its plant-based snacking game

Pilgrim’s Food Masters-owned Fridge Raiders has launched its brand-new Meat-Free Tasty Bites that are reportedly so 'full of chickeny taste' that consumers won't even notice that they're not Fridge Raiders best-selling classic chicken bites.

The new chickenless tasty bites are supposedly perfectly made for when hunger strikes – with slow-release energy they are so satisfying that they will keep you working hard and playing hard.

Plant-based snacking shouldn't mean 'unhealthy or bland', the company states in its press release, so Fridge Raiders has swapped out its chicken for Fava Bean protein to bring a delicious meat-free snacking experience that doesn't compromise on flavor.

Launching in its classic Slow Roasted flavor and fan-favorite Katsu, the new Fridge Raiders Meat-Free Tasty Bites pack a punch with protein and fiber to help tide you over until your next meal.

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