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FrieslandCampina launches new ‘Tender’lish’ meat-free chicken alternative brand

August 28, 2023

The dairy giant, FrieslandCampina, is launching a new meat-free chicken alternative brand, ‘Tender’lish’. The four-strong range – featuring Chik’n Cheese Escalope, Cripsy Chik’n Fillet Burger, Crunchy Chik’n Tenders and Cripsy Chik’n Fillets – will arrive in the UK grocery channel from early October. After great success abroad, with a prolific presence in retail and foodservice outlets in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, as well as in four McDonald’s markets, Tender’lish is now the centerpiece of FrieslandCampina’s strategy to invigorate the UK meat-free category.

Made with up to 60% skimmed milk, unlike competitors that use soy, pea, wheat or mycoprotein to form the base of the protein, Tender’lish delivers naturally nourishing benefits. The high dairy content provides a reliable and trusted source of high-quality protein and calcium, while the products are also a great source of fiber and iron.

Tender’lish also doesn’t compromise on taste and texture; the unique dairy base delivers a succulent and moist mouth-feel. Its texture effortlessly replicates the fibrous layers found in real chicken, offering consumers a firm bite, with a bright white interior and crispy golden crumb exterior, making it a simple swap for midweek mealtimes. It is the tasty and nourishing choice for meat reducers or flexitarians looking to make a small, easy change that makes a big difference.

“After several years of successive double-digit growth, performance in the meat-alternative category has been challenging over the past six months," said Alison Lees, UK marketing lead for Tender’lish. "However, at a time when some manufacturers are withdrawing from the UK market, FrieslandCampina is confidently investing for future growth, offering something genuinely new, different and superior within the key growth subset of chicken alternatives.”

“The key category barrier remains taste, whilst our products outperform not just meat-free but even real chicken products in expert sensory panels. After the success we’ve seen in multiple European territories, and with our Chik’n Cheese Escalope SKU occupying the number one, best-selling spot within the chilled, meat-free category in the Netherlands, the appetite and demand for our products has been clearly established and we’re confident that Tender’lish will take the UK meat-alternative market by storm!”

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