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Germans and Austrians say consumers should have freedom to choose cultivated meat

March 15, 2024

New research in Germany and Austria has found nearly two-thirds of people believe consumers should have the choice to eat cultivated meat once it has been approved.

The surveys, commissioned by the Good Food Institute Europe and carried out by the market research company YouGov, revealed that 65% of Germans and 63% of Austrians are in favor of cultivated meat being permitted for sale if food safety regulators find it is safe and nutritious.

The research found that 66% of Germans and Austrians say cultivated meat should also be produced in these countries when it comes to the market so national economies can benefit. This position is supported by a broad majority in both countries and across all political affiliations.

Cultivated meat, the same as the beef, pork and chicken people eat today but produced in fermentors rather than by farming animals, requires approval under the EU’s Novel Foods Regulation before it can be sold in any of the 27 member states.

The findings come after Italy passed a controversial law to ban the production and sale of cultivated meat last year, which may now be unenforceable as a result of a violation of the EU’s TRIS transparency directive. Cultivated meat was also discussed by agriculture ministers in a recent AGRIFISH Council meeting.

The survey, which polled a cross-section of 2,105 people in Germany and 1,026 in Austria, also revealed that 53% of Germans had heard of cultivated meat and 47% would try it, while 59% of Austrians had heard of it and 42% would try it – although this figure rose to more than half among flexitarians in both countries. Nearly half of respondents in both countries were in favor of alternatives to meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Additionally, 46% in both countries say they want to consume fewer animal products in the next two years, with 30% saying they want to eat more plant-based meat. Also, 53% in both countries want governments to support farmers in switching to producing a higher proportion of plant-based foods, while 47% of Germans and 44% of Austrians support government research into foods that can replace animal products.

“Cultivated meat must go through one of the world’s most robust food regulatory processes before it will be available in the EU," said Seth Roberts, Policy Manager at the Good Food Institute Europe. "Once it’s been approved, Germans and Austrians believe it should be up to consumers themselves to decide whether or not to eat cultivated meat.

“In the wake of the Italian ban, policymakers should note that people who responded to this survey – regardless of their political views – are increasingly aware of the economic opportunities offered by cultivated meat and are more interested in consumer choice than ideological debates.”

(Photograph courtesy of Aleph Farms)

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