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Germany's ProteinDistillery raises €15 million in seed funding to provide the food industry with innovative plant-based and clean-label protein ingredients

March 7, 2024

ProteinDistillery has announced that it has successfully raised over €15 million, propelling the company forward in its mission to transform the food industry with innovative plant-based and clean-label protein ingredients. The funding will serve as the catalyst for pushing the boundaries of food innovation and executing the company's market entry strategy, potentially revolutionizing how we approach nutrition.

ProteinDistillery's passion lies in redefining protein ingredients by harnessing the power of nature through cutting-edge technology. With the seed capital, the company is taking bold strides to empower food companies to adopt authentic alternatives to animal-based foods as the new norm. This includes providing them with essential tools and ingredients in ample quantities. Strategically deployed, the funding will support company growth, market entry, crucial partnerships in the food industry, and the launch of Europe’s first protein competence center in Heilbronn, Southern Germany.  

The lead investor is the Berlin-based Green Generation Fund, a leading impact VC in food tech, and the Startup Family Office with close ties to the German Mittelstand in Southern Germany. This funding is complemented by industry-aligned Business Angels, including Wendelin Wiedeking, experts in industrial and process engineering, and financial experts joining the journey. Financial agreements through Sparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen, along with governmental support, provide essential funding. Their backing and expertise are integral to propelling ProteinDistillery to new heights.

“Our investment underlines Green Generation Fund’s strategy to back founders turning university research into commercial solutions," said Peter Dorfner, Principal & Advisory Board Member. "The team around Christoph, Marco, Michael, and Tomas proved their ability to bring lab innovation to a scale relevant for top-tier food industry clients.”

“Transforming waste into value is a crucial strategy for breweries aiming to optimize their resources and unlock new revenue opportunities," added Dr Mark Schneeberger Senior Director Product Development, Design & Research, GEA’s brewery division. "That is why we are fully supporting ProteinDistillery’s project.”

At the core of ProteinDistillery’s product portfolio is Prew:tein (patent pending), a highly functional, plant-based, and non-novel food protein ingredient made from upcycled brewer’s yeast. This groundbreaking product, serving as a clean-label alternative to egg whites, has the potential to disrupt the market for various functional ingredients. We managed to create an ingredient with exceptional nutritional and functional properties (such as binding, emulsification and taste enhancement), making it a versatile solution for the most important food applications, including meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, egg replacement, and baked goods. With this seed funding, ProteinDistillery is committed to maintaining and enhancing the properties of its protein, as well as laying the groundwork to upcycle by-products from its production.

“Looking ahead, we aim to set up an industrial-scale production facility with the capacity to produce several thousand tons of protein each year," commented Marco Ries, Co-Founder & Managing Director. "Achieving this goal requires a carefully crafted financing strategy. Considering our strong track record and deep relationships with influential industry leaders, I am very confident in ProteinDistillery’s potential to significantly boost Germany’s standing in the biotechnology sector.”

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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