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Germany's Veganz Group sells its retail business

December 7, 2023

Veganz Group has successfully sold its retail business, the company has announced in a press release. Veganz, which became known as Europe's first vegan supermarket chain and is now an innovative brand and producer of vegan food, has successfully sold its last retail  location in Warschauer Straße in Berlin to a successor operator. This means that the group's last remaining shop is now also closing. Veganz Group is therefore continuing its strategy of focusing on the brand business and expanding its own production of innovative plant-based products such as Mililk.

At times, Veganz Group AG operated up to 10 stores in Europe and, in response to demand from retailers, also became a wholesaler in 2013, in doing so paving the way for plant-based nutrition on German supermarket shelves. With its entry into the brand business in 2015, Veganz succeeded in breaking into the vegan niche thanks to colourful products and a life-affirming corporate philosophy.

Since 2020, Veganz Group has also been successfully producing its own vegan products in-house. There are now four production facilities and products from the egg alternatives, fish alternatives, meat alternatives, cheese alternatives and milk alternatives categories are now produced in-house. The products, such as Veganz Cashewbert and Veganz Mililk, not only regularly receive innovation and taste awards, but also represent new sustainability concepts for the entire food industry. For example, Veganz Mililk, the 2D-printed oat milk alternative that sets new standards in terms of water and packaging savings.

Oat drink, 90% water. Cow's milk, 87% water. Both are travelling through Germany in heavy tetrapaks. In the case of oat drink, that's 344,880,000 liters of water per year in cartons, with trucks emitting 113g of CO2 per ton-kilometer. Annual sales of milk alternatives? 383,200 tonnes – that's 43 tons of CO2 per kilometer. Veganz Mililk mixed with water at home solves the problem. One pallet of 2D-printed Mililk is equivalent to nine pallets of Tetra-Pak.

"With our branded products in stores, we can quickly and effectively reach a large number of people who want to try vegan products, and due to the high demand for our own-brand products, it was the next logical step for us to close the retail business. I would like to thank all our employees who have supported us with such commitment for over 10 years," said Jan Bredack, Founder & CEO of Veganz Group.

The sustainable Veganz range is available in stores and online

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