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Good for you, good for the planet: Tereos launches Ensemble plant-based protein brand

The French conglomerate, Tereos, a cooperative group with more than 12,000 members and recognized expertise in the processing of agricultural raw materials, has launched ‘Ensemble’, which it bills as a clean and sustainable plant-based protein brand.

The new range of plant-based protein products launched om 2 June and offers, the company suggests, clean, simple, sustainable, and versatile plant-based meals for institutional and commercial catering, retail distribution and the food processing industry.

Ensemble contains just five main ingredients: wheat, chickpeas, sunflower oil, fiber and vegetable stock. The ingredients used are sourced in Europe, with the range being produced in France, taking advantage of the know-how of Tereos – one of the pioneers in plant-based protein. As such, the products are affordable, at a comparable price with chicken.

According to ProVeg 2021, an international vegetarian organisation, almost half of European consumers have reduced their meat consumption over the past year. To keep pace with this growing progressive trend, Tereos has put all its know-how derived from the processing of agricultural raw materials into developing this new range of plant-based proteins.

Ensemble products are available in original version or are chicken flavured, and offer various nutritional benefits (high in proteins, good source of fiber and low in saturated fat).

“As a great tasting part of a balanced diet, Ensemble provides a meat-free meal solution with all the desired nutritional benefits,” commented Guillaume Planque, Marketing Director at Ensemble. “Our expertise in processing the raw materials grown by farmers helps us to promote short distribution channels and reduce our carbon footprint to offer a range of products that are good for the planet.”

Ensemble products are rated A on the Nutri-score scale are also certified vegan, Kosher, and Halal.

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