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Green Boy Group launches Plant-Dairy Protein

'Plant-Dairy Protein' has been launched by transatlantic food supplier Green Boy Group, with four different types of protein made from Pea, Mung Bean, Fava Bean and Chickpea, which according to the manufacturer all have a neutral flavor profile. From that basis, PDP can be further processed into vegan versions of cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, spreads, butter, mayonnaise and even, it is claimed, eggs.

"After our introduction of Plant-Meat Protein in the US and EU last summer, and the tremendous market interest that followed, we were approached by a lot of plant-based dairy producers," said Green Boy Group co-founder Peter van Dijken. "The only logical step for us was to develop a functional plant-based protein that specifically caters to the plant-based dairy needs.

"The plant-based dairy products are developing rapidly in all sorts of forms and shapes, and you have to be able to keep up with their demands," continued co-founder Frederik Otten. "Our customers want to create the ultimate plant-based cheese, yoghurt or spread. As the market leader in the plant-based protein segment we have the technical know-how, experience and capability to supply the industry via Plant-Dairy Protein with a versatile range of functional plant-based protein in terms of superior texture, flavor profile, mouthfeel and protein enhancement.

"International brands rely on us to formulate the highest quality plant-based dairy products out there," he added. "Green Boy has the advantage to offer Plant-Dairy Protein worldwide through our offices in the US, Europe and Australia."

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