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Green Boy publishes 2023 Impact Report highlighting commitment to a Greener Planet

June 11, 2024

Global plant-based food ingredient supplier, Green Boy Group, has released its 2023 impact report, sharing an overview of the company's environmental strategy. The report elaborates on emissions, sustainability partnerships and long-term ambitions aiming for climate-goal driven developments in the plant-based food industry.

"Our sustainability team has been working tirelessly to collect all data necessary to draw a full picture of our company's direct and indirect emissions," commented Peter van Dijken, Co-founder & Owner of Green Boy. "Following the GHG protocol methodology, the company's impact report summarizes and analyzes each link in their supply chain. This allows Green Boy to know its company's own emissions and the emissions throughout their supply chain such as the production, transportation and warehousing of the plant-based food ingredients. "Now that we know all emissions in detail, we are able to prioritize certain areas over others while creating a starting point for a more holistic approach to develop an impactful sustainability strategy for years to come."

For 2023, Green Boy has been able to completely offset its Scope 1 & 2 and part of its Scope 3 emissions, making the company carbon neutral. However, Green Boy remains committed to further advancing its sustainability efforts, as Frederik Otten, Co-founder & Owner elaborates further: "We don't think offsetting is a long-term solution, which is why we are looking into reducing emissions in all scopes. As a worldwide plant-based ingredient supplier, de facto we are a supply-chain managing company, most of our emissions happen in Scope 3, the so called 'indirect emissions'. Our indirect emissions are our farmers, producers, shippers, truckers and warehouses direct emissions which is why one of our main goals for the coming years is to collaborate with our partners up and down the supply chain on finding solutions for more regenerative farming, cleaner production and carbon-reducing transportation methods."

Green Boy emission numbers reveal that on average animal-based proteins have 97% higher CO2e emissions than Green Boy's plant-based proteins. According to Our World In Data, animal proteins produce on average 149kg CO2e per kg of protein, whereas Green Boy's plant-based proteins produce a total of 3.86kg CO2e per kg of plant-based protein. "At this point the data is out, and it is crystal clear, the only road to a more climate friendly food industry is to reduce our dependency on meat, fish and dairy and move towards a more plant-based diet." said Jeroen van den Heuvel, Managing Director.

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