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GreenVenus and Plant Research partner to develop climate-resilient field pea varieties and deliver clean protein solutions for human and pet food markets

March 11, 2024

GreenVenus, a technology specialist in genomics-based innovation to develop healthy, nutrient-rich specialty vegetables, fruits, and grains, has established a strategic partnership with Plant Research (NZ) LTD. Together, they aim to pioneer the development of novel field pea varieties devoid of undesirable attributes such as beany smells and indigestibility and enhance climate resilience for global cultivation.

This collaborative endeavor is centered on crafting premium, clean protein ingredients tailored for human and pet consumption, promising to reshape the market landscape with unparalleled quality and versatility. While soybeans currently dominate the plant protein market, accounting for over 60% of total plant protein sales, the demand for pea proteins is experiencing exponential growth worldwide. This surge is attributed to their superior amino acid compositions, bioactive peptides, fiber profile, and allergen-free nature compared to other plant protein sources.

Despite offering superior dietary benefits, field pea varieties still face challenges in achieving maximum yields and demonstrating resilience to changing climatic conditions. While breeding efforts have introduced several modern cultivars that tolerate common diseases, they have proven insufficient in controlling high disease and extreme climatic pressures during unfavorable years. “GreenVenus's cutting-edge Primavera gene editing technology and gene discovery tool, integrated with state-of-the-art machine learning approaches, are poised to accelerate the creation of next-generation cultivars. These cultivars are expected to swiftly adapt to climate fluctuations and showcase sought-after traits that align with the industry's requirements for clean, taste-neutral proteins,” said Dr Shiv Tiwari, CEO of GreenVenus.

“Plant Research (NZ) Ltd brings competitive elite pea lines and breeding expertise to GreenVenus's research," added Adrian Russell, CEO of Plant Research. "This collaboration is primed to expedite the development of groundbreaking, high-yield varieties, consequently enhancing grower profitability and offering superior protein options for consumers and the animal feed sectors.”  

Plant proteins are poised to play a significant role in carbon offsetting by substituting carbon-intensive animal protein sources in human diets and animal feed. Overcoming hurdles such as beany flavor and indigestibility marks a crucial step in facilitating widespread adoption and contributing to a more sustainable future.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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