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Grupo Bimbo and Oobli partner to integrate sweet proteins in baked goods

May 15, 2024

Oobli, the global sweet protein brand and manufacturer known for its healthy sugar alternatives, and Grupo Bimbo, the worldwide bakery, have entered into a formal agreement to integrate sweet proteins as a completely new way to sweeten baked goods. This marks the first time Grupo Bimbo will test sweet proteins in a number of baked goods categories core to Bimbo's brand portfolio.

Sweet proteins are plant proteins that taste up to 5,000 times sweeter than sugar and can replace 70-90% of sugar in most food and beverage products. Derived from fruits and berries that grow near the equator, sweet proteins are gut- and blood-sugar friendly unlike other sugar alternatives. Sweet proteins are just like any other dietary proteins, the large-molecule building blocks of our bodies.

A long-term climate-friendly alternative to cane sugar production, sweet proteins are an appealing sugar replacement in baked goods that often require cane sugar as a binding agent. Oobli uses precision fermentation to replicate sweet proteins. They are brewed (similar to beer or cheese) rather than grown, making them a sustainable solution. Every 1% of sugar production reduction made possible by fermentation equals 525,000 net acres of land saved.

"We're thrilled to bring the groundbreaking innovation of Oobli sweet proteins to market in our delicious baked goods," commented Constantino Matouk, VP Global Bimbo Ventures, Grupo Bimbo. "Oobli sweet proteins are a perfect fit for the countless consumers who are actively looking to include more proteins in their diet."

"Sweet proteins have the potential to revolutionize sweetness and are a completely new way to think about how we can use protein to rehabilitate foods to create healthy sweetness," added Ali Wing, CEO, Oobli. "Grupo Bimbo and Oobli are committed to bringing the innovation of sweet proteins to Grupo Bimbo's industry-leading baked goods without impacting existing flavor profiles. This strategic partnership is a major step forward in globalizing sweet proteins as the leading sweetness alternative."

In 2023, Oobli launched Oobli Sweet Iced Teas, the world's first and only drink on the market to make low-sugar drinks without artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, sugar alcohols like erythritol, or even Stevia. It also recently introduced a new line of chocolates made with sweet proteins.

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