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Heather Mills takes on Plant and Bean food site following deal with administrators

July 10, 2023

The administrators of Plant and Bean Limited (P&B), which went into administration on 31 May, have announced that the company’s manufacturing site and associated equipment has been sold to Vegan Solo Consulting Limited (Vegan Solo) and Duo Renovations Ltd (DRL). P&B is an alternative protein food manufacturer based in Lincolnshire, UK. It operates from a 125,000ft2 factory, producing vegetarian products for large brand names with placements in major supermarkets.

Similar to several other businesses in the sector, it experienced significant inflation across its cost base – primarily in terms of food and energy prices. The business also suffered from several operational issues stemming from a lack of investment.

Vegan Solo specializes in the production of meat-free products and is run by Heather Mills, the former model. Duo Renovations is a real-estate business, on which Mills is a director.

The purchase will add to Mills’ existing portfolio which includes Vbites – a pioneer of meat-free substitutes – a spokesman for administrators Interpath said.

It is understood that following the sale there will be a period of renovations to upgrade the production capabilities, and that Mills is determined to ensure that any future manufacturing that takes place at the site be plant-based, the spokesman added.

“I am delighted to acquire the P&B facilities and to keep it as a non-meat factory," Mills said. "I am also pleased to try and help the founder of P&B who has worked in a similar vein to myself for many decades to drive positive change for the environment, the animals and for the health of the global population.”

“I am delighted to secure a sale of this great facility to someone committed to investing and improving on the great manufacturing capabilities implemented by Plant and Bean," added James Clark, Managing Director at Interpath and a joint administrator of Plant and Bean. "The factory has huge scope to deliver improved economic output for the Boston [Lincolnshire] area and we wish the buyer all the best in their new venture.”

When questioned about the impact on jobs, a spokesman for Interpath told The Standard: “All of the company’s 32 members of staff were made redundant by the administrators in the days and weeks following their appointment, and so unfortunately, none will transfer to the purchaser as part of this transaction.”

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