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Hoxton Farms announces former CSO at Impossible Foods as new board member

January 31, 2024

Hoxton Farms, the UK’s first and fastest-growing cultivated fat farm, has announced the appointment of Nick Halla, former Chief Strategy Officer at Impossible Foods, as the newest addition to the company’s board team.

Halla's appointment reflects an expansion of leadership for the company, following the recent appointments of Vítor Espirito Santo as Head of Cell Biology, joining from GOOD Meat and Nadav Tal, previously Director of R&D Engineering at Aleph Farms.

As a pioneer in the plant-based foods industry and a key figure in the success of Impossible Foods, Halla's decision to join Hoxton Farms' board is a strong endorsement of the company's mission to create delicious and sustainable meat alternatives, leveraging his expertise in commercialization, growth, and international expansion.

Halla, who holds a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Minnesota and an MBA and master’s degree in Environment and Resources, both from Stanford University, is a plant-based foods pioneer. He was a founding employee at Impossible Foods, where he teamed up with Pat Brown in 2011 to create a better food system. He helped build Impossible Foods from the ground up. Appointed Senior Vice President of International in 2018, he led Impossible’s international strategy, development and commercial operations as they expanded worldwide.

“Today’s plant-based products have shown how delicious and nutritious eating plants can be and have transformed how consumers connect their food choices with sustainability," said Halla. "But the industry is just getting started and has a long way to go to live up to its promise. Joining the Hoxton Farms board gives me an opportunity to support an innovative, dynamic team to deliver on the next generation of meat alternatives.”

"Nick is a titan in the meat alternatives industry. His decision to join our board is a huge vote of confidence for Hoxton Farms," said Max Jamilly and Ed Steele, Co-founders of Hoxton Farms, in a statement. "He knows first-hand that consumers crave delicious meat alternatives and there is a huge opportunity to supercharge alternative meat with delicious cultivated fat. Not only is Nick passionate about sustainability and extremely knowledgeable about food tech, but his commercialization and growth experience at Impossible Foods will be invaluable as we scale Hoxton Farms and expand internationally."

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