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Immortalized human cell lines for cultivated meat research now available from Creative Bioarray

May 7, 2024

Creative Bioarray has announced a major breakthrough in cell biology – the creation of immortalized human cell lines specifically tailored for research purposes in cultivated meat industry.

Capitalizing on the swelling consumer interest in sustainable and humane food options, Creative Bioarray is ready to power the future of food with advanced cellular agriculture. The company has successfully replicated a process that human cells naturally undergo, leading to lines of 'immortalized' cells. These cells can reproduce indefinitely, bypassing the Hayflick limit which restricts cells to a fixed number of divisions.

Notably, Creative Bioarray has specialized in developing Immortalized Bovine Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts obtained by immortalizing Bovine Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts with SV40 gene. These cells are envisaged to be an indispensably useful resource for cultured meat research. Such endeavors could ultimately lead to the production of slaughter-free meat from cell cultures derived from bovine cells.

Creative Bioarray's immortalized cells exhibit stable, control passaging side by side with the original primary cells. Their unique cell platform is designed to meet virtually any relevant research project's needs, offering researchers a versatile tool in the quest for sustainable sources of protein, such as lab-grown meat.

Commenting on the company's achievement, the spokesperson of Creative Bioarray said, "By providing these unique cell lines, we aim to empower researchers and companies working on innovative solutions for sustainable and ethical food production. Our platform is a testament to our commitment toward contributing to advancements in the cultivated meat industry."

With a constant drive towards providing solutions for revolutionary scientific research, Creative Bioarray continues to blaze the trail within the cell biology industry, constantly evolving to suit the needs of the global research community.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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