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Improvin' secures €3.5 million seed investment to drive emission reductions and sustainability in the agri-food industry

May 10, 2023

The Stockholm-based climate technology company, Improvin', has successfully closed a €3.5 million seed financing round.

The round was led by the climate tech fund, Pale blue dot, and the USA-based, supply chain-focused VC Dynamo Ventures, with participation from FoodBridge, Axel Johnson’s common group platform for investments in early-stage foodtech start-ups and PINC, the venture arm of Paulig.

More than 70% of the agri-food industry’s emissions originate from primary production; an area where most agriculture and food companies lack visibility. To solve this, Improvin’ has developed a sustainability performance platform that allows agri-food companies to measure and reduce emissions in their primary production and improve biodiversity together with their suppliers.

“We are supporting food brands such as Oatly and processors like AAK, the leading global producer of plant-based oils, in their mission of becoming more sustainable by giving them tools to reduce emissions and boost biodiversity in their own supply chains, down to the field-level", explained Niklas Wallsargård, the CEO & Founder of Improvin’.

“We’re thrilled about the unique combination of expertise we’re bringing in with this investment," Wallsargård added. "Pale blue dot’s climate tech experience and Dynamo Ventures’ supply chain know-how combined with the food industry knowledge from both PINC and FoodBridge will fuel our expansion across Europe, starting from Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands."

"We believe Improvin's tailored approach to solving one of the agri-food industry’s hardest problems, producing more food more sustainably, is unique”, said Joel Larsson, Co-founder and General Partner at Pale blue dot. “We are proud to support the company on its journey to help agri-food businesses worldwide become more sustainable", he continues.

“Improvin's deep integration into the agri-food supply chains provides a granular understanding of emissions and a unique insight into reducing emissions and boosting biodiversity”, said Jon Bradford, Co-founder & Managing Partner at Dynamo Ventures. "We're excited to be part of this journey and looking forward to supporting Improvin' scale globally."

Additionally, Improvin’ has received great support from their existing investors LRF Ventures and Atomico Angel Programme.

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