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InnovoPro's chickpea protein platform to debut in newly developed products

March 7, 2023

InnovoPro, one of the leading companies in developing alternative proteins derived from chickpeas and one of 18 companies that appeared in the Startup Pitch Symposiums at the recent Future of Protein Production Summit, has revealed that its clean-label ingredients will be powering several products at this year's Natural Products Expo West, highlighting the versatility and functionality of the company's platform.

InnovoPro's innovative and versatile chickpea protein will be showcased by industry-leaders from the USA and Canada.

Ingredion, a global provider of ingredient solutions to the food manufacturing industry, will present Cacio e Pepe Plant-Based Cheese Crisps featuring InnovoPro's CP-Pro 70 chickpea protein concentrate. "Consumers are seeking healthier, indulgent, and convenient products," said Dan Kennedy, Director of Business Development for Plant-Based Proteins at Ingredion. "Premium ingredients, such as InnovoPro's CP-Pro 70 chickpea protein, enable us to help our customers formulate and deliver on these consumer purchase drivers. Ingredion created the plant-based cheese crisps for Expo West to demonstrate how food brands can use plant-based proteins to enhance protein content and deliver a tasty, satisfying crunch in on-the-go plant-based snacks."

Before the Butcher will be sampling a chickpea protein burger made with InnovoPro's CP-Xtura 65 texturized protein. Combining CP-Xtura 65 and Before the Butcher's meat alternative formulation expertise, these chickpea burgers boast over 20 grams of plant-protein per serving, a superb 'bite', and are free from the top nine food allergens.

Live Kuna's founders, Carlos Gutierrez and Santiago Stacey, will be showcasing their new brand and latest innovation, Kunana, which is a first-of-its-kind banana milk made with upcycled bananas from Ecuador and InnovoPro's chickpea protein. Kunana is low in sugar and responsibly sourced by using imperfect bananas to create a dairy-free milk rich in protein, potassium, fiber, and vitamin C. It takes less water to produce Kunana than almond milk and creates fewer CO2 emissions than traditional dairy-based milk, making Kunana both healthy and sustainable.

Humble & Frank, a Canadian food manufacturer, will showcase its new line of distinct, protein-enhanced salad dressings at Expo West. These dressings have been crafted with a focus on simplicity and health, using high-quality ingredients sourced from trusted partners. In partnership with InnovoPro, Humble & Frank has been able to develop these dressings with a clean label and without unnecessary additives.

As part of a larger innovation consortium supported by Protein Industries Canada, Humble & Frank is committed to working with InnovoPro to drive the development of new, sustainable and plant-based products in Canada's food industry.

"Seeing first-hand how much our partners trust InnovoPro's ingredients is such a rewarding feeling," concluded Michael Kreutzer, CCO North America of InnovoPro. "As the Food & Beverage industry continues to evolve, consumers demand clean-labeled products that prioritize nutrition without sacrificing taste. With industry-leading customers and partners, InnovoPro has become the fastest growing chickpea protein supplier, and we are excited to see how conference attendees will react to these new innovations."

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