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InnovoPro's strategic expansion to the entire food and beverage market to be led by a new USA-based CEO

April 22, 2024

In a significant move towards growth, InnovoPro, a leader in chickpea protein solutions, has announced its strategic expansion to the broader food and beverage market, introducing clean-label products and natural emulsifiers. With an excellent nutritional profile and wide usability in the food industry, InnovoPro's platform based on CP-Pro 70 concentrate, is, the company claims, the best choice for this growing need.

This transition is accompanied by a change in leadership, reflecting the company's commitment to innovation driven growth.

After seven years of leadership as co-founder and first CEO, Taly Nechushtan, will be transitioning to the role of Vice Chair. Nechushtan's visionary guidance has been instrumental in shaping InnovoPro's identity and laying the foundation for the company's growth and success. She has been the driving force behind the building of InnovoPro and propelled it to where it stands today.

Stepping into the role of CEO with determined commitment to lead InnovoPro forward is Gregory Belt. With a proven track record and deep expertise in building new ventures, strategic planning for innovation driven growth in companies like AB InBev and gaining commercial traction, particularly in the dynamic landscape of North America, Belt brings a wealth of experience to lead the company into the next chapter expanding the company's reach with a fresh perspective centered on delivering natural emulsifier and clean-label options tailored for food and beverage manufacturers.

"I am thrilled to embark on the InnovoPro journey, supported by a team of exceptional professionals. With their expertise and dedication, I am confident in our ability to drive the company forward. I am eager to bring my own unique perspective and skills to the table, adding value and leading InnovoPro on the path to success," said Belt, the new CEO.

"I congratulate Greg on joining the company and have full confidence that he will elevate it to new heights," stated  Joel Bar-El, the company's Chairman. "Taly and I are sure that Greg and the excellent team of InnovoPro will attain remarkable success on a global scale."

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