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Israeli food-tech innovator introduces its 90% chickpea isolate into nutrition bars and cereals to nourish active lifestyle consumers

November 13, 2023

Plant protein specialist, ChickP Protein. is forging ahead in the active nutrition market to fill the surging demand for natural, high-protein, plant-based nutrition bars and similar on-the-go, better-for-you products. The company developed a line of prototypes, powered by its signature, 90% chickpea isolate, to fit the requirements of active lifestyle consumers and others who live life on-the-go.

The company will showcase protein fortified, granola-based demos at the upcoming Fi Europe 2023 in Frankfurt. On display will be a range of granola-based creations including chickpea protein enriched cereal and energy bars. The samples are composed of nuts, seeds, oats, and green buckwheat, infused with a minimum 30% of the proprietary, 90% chickpea isolate. They are naturally mildly sweetened with honey and agave and are rich in fiber.

“Our foray into the active nutrition market was a logical next step for us,” emphasized Liat Lachish Levy, CEO of ChickP. “We’re attuned to the thriving demand for good-for-you nutrition snacks that contain rich amounts of plant-based protein.”

“The key challenge in fortifying energy snacks with vegan forms of protein, is avoiding a bitter aftertaste while retaining a crispy texture,” added Maor Dahan, Head of Development & Applications for ChickP. “Our chickpea isolate solves both challenges. It has a neutral flavor plus a fine consistency for seamless integration. Moreover, it is a complete protein providing all the essential amino acids, including naturally occurring branch-chain amino acids essential for building and maintaining muscle mass. This makes our 90% chickpea protein isolate the ideal choice for those seeking not just protein but a comprehensive nutritional solution.”

ChickP pioneered the breakthrough patented technology for producing the flavorless and odorless 90% chickpea isolate, setting a new standard for delivering an all-natural, clean-label and highly functional ingredient uniquely tailored to suit an array of vegan, plant-based alternatives. It is easily incorporated into dairy analogs such as ice cream and barista creamers, as well as cheese and even as a replacement for eggs.

Innova Market Insights has noted a market upswing in nutritional sports bars enriched with plant protein registering a CAGR of 8.4% between 2020 and 2022. Moreover "high protein” takes top position for the cereal/energy/sports bars category.

According to a recent report by Allied Market Research, active Lifestyle users constitute the largest consumer group of high-protein sports nutrition products, even surpassing athletes and are driving significant market growth .” With the current market hovering around US$10 billion, data from Global Growth Insights published October 23 estimates the active nutrition market to reach nearly US$16 billion in 2031, following a CAGR of almost 17.5%.

With the powerful animal-free food and beverage trend driving industry toward plant-based snacks, ChickP’s sustainably sourced chickpea protein isolate has been designated a finalist at the Fi Europe protein innovation awards. As ChickP focuses on improving the active nutrition sector, the company remains committed to continue innovating and supplying its cutting-edge plant-based protein solutions as premium ingredients for an even broader range of food and beverage applications.

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