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Israeli Government Backs Cell-Cultured Meat To Fight Climate Crisis

President Hertzog said Future Meat's alternative protein products were 'amazingly delicious'

Israeli government celebrates alt protein

President Hertzog announced the government ‘officially’ embraces alternative protein as part of its National Climate Strategy.

This comes ahead of COP26, the UN summit, which gathers global leaders in Glasgow to agree a fighting plan against climate breakdown.

Hertzog tasted Future Meat‘s cultivated meat products at a reception in Jerusalem this week.

Here, environmental and energy ministers Tamar Zandbergand Karine Elharrar joined him – alongside plant-based companies including ZeroEgg and InnovoPro.

In a statement, Hertzog announced: “It is imperative that we take advantage of the international stage in Glasgow to present the extensive Israeli climate tech and solutions we can offer globally in climate innovation and development of alternatives to animal protein. 

“We certainly have much to be proud of.”

He claimed that he’s ‘the first’ president to try the delicacy – dubbed by many to be the answer to ending factory farming. ‘It was amazingly delicious’, he said on Facebook.

Is cell-cultured meat the solution?

Minister of environmental protection, Tamar Zandberg stressed the importance of ‘finding solutions’ especially following the COVID-19pandemic.

Zandberg added: “I ate chicken for the first time in seven years, it was cultivated chicken. This technology will not only change Israel, but will contribute to the whole world.”

The Good Food Institute welcomed the politicians’ comments. 

Managing director Nir Goldstein told PBN: “It is not a coincidence that food tech and alternative protein are at the forefront of the Israeli delegation to Glasgow… This Israeli technology is a strategic asset to our country in this era of climate crisis.”

Source: by Emily Baker,29th October 2021, https://plantbasednews.org/culture/politics/israeli-government-cell-cultured-meat-climate-crisis/

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