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Karakuri and Quorn partner to deliver meat-free perfection for QSR diners

April 28, 2023

Karakuri, the company revolutionising quick service (QSR) and fast casual restaurants with intelligent robotic kitchen automation, today announced a partnership with Quorn, one of the biggest meat-free brands in the world. Through this partnership, Karakuri and Quorn will work together to ensure Karakuri's automated kitchen solutions are optimised to produce perfectly fried, high-quality vegetarian and vegan protein alternatives from Quorn, in every QSR and Fast Casual Kitchen.

Restaurants are increasingly embracing intelligent kitchen automation to help them maximize kitchen efficiencies and lower operational costs, while also delivering perfectly cooked food to their customers. However, this automation needs to work 'out of the box', regardless of preferred food vendors, equipment, or software systems. Karakuri's partnership with Quorn reinforces the importance of interoperability within an automated kitchen ecosystem. The two companies will collaborate to ensure Quorn's alternative meat products, such as nuggets, buttermilk fillets and wings, that are fried in Karakuri's /FRYR automated fry lines are cooked to perfection, every time.

Karakuri's /FRYR fryline is revolutionizing restaurant kitchens with intelligent automation, ensuring consistent fried food quality, from the freezer to the customer. For the growing number of restaurants offering Quorn's meat-free products, Karakuri's robotic technology provides the ideal cooking and storage parameters, ensuring perfectly fried Quorn products, every time.

"Karakuri represents an exciting transformation of QSR and Fast Casual kitchens and Quorn is excited to be the first meat free company to be partnering with them," said Phil Thornborrow, Foodservice Director at Quorn Professionals. "Through our partnership, Quorn will benefit from the development of cutting-edge technology in optimising the quality offered to our customers. Maintaining quality and consistency are the biggest challenges facing the fast-paced QSR and Fast Casual industry. It's great to see products, like our nuggets and buttermilk fillets, work perfectly with the /FRYR fry line, and to see it cook each of them exactly how we intended."

"Global demand for meat-free alternatives continues to grow and QSR and fast casual restaurants are increasingly adding vegetarian and vegan offerings to their menus," added Barney Wragg, Founder & CEO of Karakuri. "Ensuring the correct storage and preparation of these products is key to providing the best possible customer experience. Our partnership with Quorn will allow us to understand the optimal conditions needed for Quorn products, and to ensure our game-changing /FRYR fry lines cook and serve Quorn meat-free products exactly as intended. The result is tasty and delicious products cooked perfectly every time."

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