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Kickstart Outreach Partnership 2022

Kickstart Innovation, one of Europe's leading open innovation platforms, launches its 7th iteration from 26th April2022 & you can be part of it. This open innovation platform helps to establish partnerships between scaleups (start-ups in an advanced stage of development), corporations, cities and universities. Running since2016, they test new, disruptive solutions and build fresh revenue streams, contributing to a growing innovation ecosystem. If you are a start up in an advanced stage of development and want to be part of this program then you can sign up here.

To integrate sustainability into the day-to-day of organizations, we need innovation at scale. We take an open innovation approach to making organizations more sustainable and successful by accelerating collaboration between established organizations and startups.

Market insight

Tailored methodology to address your specific needs Curated ecosystem of innovative companies, foundations, government institutions and experts Network of more than 300 successful alumni companies Intrapreneurship track to speed up your learning cycles and gain traction.

Pilots and commercial projects

50 commercial projects and partnerships established in 2021

Investment opportunities

> 1000 qualified startups from 71 countries in 2021 over CHF 1.5b investments in participating startups

Overview of the core process

1.) Definition of your specific collaboration challenge(s) and investment hypotheses

2.)Scout and select later-stage startups globally via outreach program

3.) Moderate partners through the startup selection phase and engage experts to define collaboration sprints

4.) Establish PoCs/pilots, commercial projects, market insights and investments opportunities

5.) Don't stop until we make a real impact

- Kickstart branding will change on launch on April 26 2022 (more focus on sustainability next to open innovation as in the past years)

- Sustainability & Circular Economy focus is in all verticals (additional journey); not a separate vertical

Scout and select established international startups

We are present in over 50 countries

Building on challenges and opportunities defined, we reach out via our network and directly to candidate startups. In this process we are supported by our alumni, experts, outreach partners and a database we have built over many years. The candidate startups submit structured data that we analyse and share with all our partners in order to establish immediate impact.

Targeted Startup profile

The 2022 outreach goal is to attract high-quality startups through a targeted, customized and vertical specific outreach.

Profile of the startups

- Available Product/Technology

- Secured Investment (example: late seed, Series A/B) and/or

- planning fundraising round.

- Pilot/PoC & Commercial projects experience

- DeepTech

- Looking for investment

- Diversity (in technology and gender)

- CE relevant and SDG applicable

- Relevant to the collaboration opportunities designed together with our partners

- Looking for market entry to Switzerland (and beyond) if it fits for international startups

Benefits for Startups/Scaleups

- Zero equity platform: no equity and no fees

- Access to Partnership Fund

- Collaboration training and facilitation

- Personal advisor, 1:1 during the program phase

- Access to industry experts

- Connection to Investors - corporate venture arms, family offices, VCs, etc

- Free office space and infrastructure

- Networking and community events

- PR and Media exposure

- Being connected to the Swiss startup and innovation ecosystem (and beyond)

- Access to direct lines of business and executives at leading institutions in Switzerland

- Opportunity to create deals in form of POC’s connected to the sustainable development goals

Overview outreach activities

- Outreach partners: Kickstart partners with other startup incubators/accelerators/innovation platforms as fast-track application channel (e.g. Google for Startups, Swissnex, etc.).

- Online and In-Person Outreach Events: Kickstart is presented on onlines conferences, fairs and summits.

- Startup databases & scouting: Kickstart activates KS database & other investor/startup platforms.

- PR Release: Kickstart publishes a media release listing all partners.

- Communication & storytelling: Kickstart shares stories about PoC/collaborations in social media, releases newsletters and social media advertisements.

- Kickstart partner engagement: Kickstart asks partners to activate and leverage their venture networks and communication channels to attract startups with a specific referral code.

Offer - Advertisement


- You promote Kickstart on your social media channels during the outreach phase from April - June 2022 and

support other outreach related activities throughout the whole year

- You help to recommend startups from your network (approx. 5 startups), please use your personal referral

code shared via email so that the startup gets higher visibility

- You support our community by giving access to your events in 2022 as applicable

- You feature the Kickstart logo via your website


- We will feature you amongst our outreach partners on social media

- We will feature your logo via our website

- We would love to engage you at our online events based on your interests

- We give you access to our program and alumni network to promote your organization as applicable

Offer - Events

We suggest different options to engage at events and other outreach activities during April - June and also between September - November.

Please share your preferences with us:

1. Kickstart provides you with an overview/deck that you can use during your event and provide assistance

for the use of the deck.

2. Kickstart team members can join your event virtually and in person if possible.

3. Kickstart (expert) team members can be a speaker/moderator at your event.

4. Kickstart alumni startups can be integrated into your events as it fits.

We are also open to discuss the opportunity to organise stand alone Kickstart events if you think this would create value in your ecosystem.

Past Events with Outreach Partners

- February 2021 The Swiss Global Enterprise: joint event with Kickstart. Welcoming a new partnership and hosting two webinars about Invest and Export in Switzerland and abroad.

- October 2021 Market Entry Bootcamp: an initiative of Digital Switzerland and powered by Kickstart.

- March 2022 Austrian Startup Day: an initiative of The Austrian Chamber supported by Kickstart and Kickstart alumni.

- October 2021 Circular Economy Event with Impact Hub Zurich

Kickstart Venue: Kraftwerk, Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zürich

Kraftwerk Zürich is the innovation and collaboration hotspot of Switzerland. The old transformer station turned work- and event- space is the home of Kickstart Innovation during the collaboration sprint. Thus, partners can also access Kraftwerk during the Kickstart collaboration sprint for meetings & coworking. Kraftwerk is an initiative of digitalswitzerland, Engagement Migros, ewz and Impact Hub Zürich.

Communication tools

Spread the word about Kickstart:

- Share via your Social Media Channels easily.

- Everything you need regarding the Kickstart Design (logos, graphics, style-guide etc.).

- Once our partnership is confirmed, we will provide you with our full media and communication kit.

- In the meantime, you can subscribe to the Kickstart Newsletter: https://www.subscribepage.com/kickstartsub

For any questions, suggestions or queries regarding outreach please contact

Anikó Ivanics

Program Manager


Thank You


If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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