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Konscious Foods raises US$26 million in series seed funding

August 14, 2023

Konscious Foods, a plant-based seafood brand, has announced it has closed its Series Seed financing round in which it raised a total of CA$26 million. Funding to date has included participation from Protein Industries Canada, Zynik Capital and Walter Group, among others.

Konscious Foods is the latest creation from founder Yves Potvin, the classically trained French chef and plant-based innovator who created the world’s first veggie hot dog and founded Yves Veggie Cuisine and Gardein. The company offers a range of plant-based seafood products, including sushi rolls, onigiri stuffed rice snacks and poke bowls, that are now available at fine retailers across the USA and Canada (including all Whole Foods Market locations). Konscious Foods expects to be available for purchase in over 4,500 stores nationwide by the end of the year.

The funds will be used to grow Konscious Foods’ retail and food-service businesses, support operations at its production facility in Vancouver, Canada and deploy marketing initiatives for nationwide retail launches.

“This investment validates our excitement about the demand – and critical need – for seafood made from plants,” Potvin commented. “With the rising demand for fish, and subsequent overfishing crisis, we feel it is crucial to have better for you, better for the world seafood options that don’t sacrifice taste or texture. The funds will allow us to focus on sales and marketing efforts as we expand distribution across North America and continue our goal of making sustainable, delicious plant-based food widely accessible.”

“Konscious Foods has created true alternatives to some of the world’s most important seafood products and without sacrificing quality, which is a feat unmatched by others in the plant-based food space,” added Iqbal Kassam, Chairman of Zynik Capital. “This financing round is also a testament to Yves Potvin’s vision and track record. Yves is a true pioneer in the food industry and we are so proud to partner with him and the other investors.”

“The products offered by Konscious Foods represent a significant shift in the plant-based food space. It proves that meat-alternatives do not need to be highly processed, filled with unnatural ingredients or cost more than the incumbent products. We believe the company will transform plant-based food and the seafood industry,” said Pierre Somers, Chairman & CEO of Walter Group.

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