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Leading B2B food technology company optimizes its plant-based protein production methods with Elementar’s rapid N exceed system

February 16, 2024

In a strategic move to bolster its protein quantitation capabilities, an innovative food technology company has invested in cutting-edge laboratory equipment. The investment marks a pivotal moment for the company as it seeks to further refine and optimize its production methods.

The decision to upgrade the laboratory equipment came on the heels of a period of rapid growth. In one year, the USA-based company scaled its production capacity by an impressive 150%, culminating in the establishment of its first commercial facility following a US$21.5 million investment.

Looking ahead to full-scale commercialization, the company focused on leveraging advanced technology to propel its agricultural platform forward. Specifically, the company chose to invest in a new platform for the rapid and accurate quantitation of nitrogen and protein.

Among the solutions selected is Elementar's rapid N exceed, a nitrogen/protein analyzer platform that promises swift and precise quantitation across various growth conditions for Lemna, including extraction process streams and final products.

Since investing in the analyzer, the company has been able to significantly improve its protein production process, with Elementar’s equipment delivering a substantial improvement over the traditional colorimetric assays they were utilizing due to the system’s highly heterogeneous analysis streams. The Head of Research & Development noted, “The autosampler allows for continuous analysis of samples, and the CO2 mobile phase is very cost effective over traditional helium and argon systems.”.

The rapid N exceed is helping the company to carry out around 12,000 analyses on an annual basis, which will prove instrumental in helping the company to make good on its commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, as it continues to push the boundaries of sustainable food production.

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