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Lidl lowers prices of its vegan products to hit price parity with animal-based equivalents

October 16, 2023

German supermarket, Lidl, is leveling the playing field for plant-based foods. By price-matching its Venmondo vegan products to their animal-based equivalents, Lidl is upending the higher pricing model traditionally associated with plant-based fare. The price parity move is grounded in the guidelines of the Planetary Health Diet, which is described as the optimal diet for people and planet and advises eating at most modest amounts of meat and dairy.

The retailer introduced Vemondo in 2020; the vegan line now includes over 100 items. In addition to lowering prices, Lidl is placing Vemondo products near their animal-derived counterparts in its over 3,250 German stores, making it easier for customers to find and compare plant-based options. It's also the first German food retailer to publicly disclose the ratio of plant to animal protein sources in its range, which currently stands at 11-89% (and 6-94% for dairy products). Lidl has committed to boosting plant-based protein's portion to 20% by 2030.

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