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LSG and NotCo to create plant-based food concepts

Airline catering specialist LSG Group has announced an exclusive collaboration with NotCo, the fast-growing food-tech company with a first-of-its-kind patented A.I. technology (named 'Giuseppe') that creates plant-based options that taste, feel, cook and function just like their animal-based counterparts.  

Working with NotCo will allow the LSG Group to add plant-based menus to its portfolio, powered by ingredients and components from NotCo, that it can offer to its customers in the airline industry and food commerce sector, like convenience-retail stores and the home-delivery market.

“In terms of our sustainability approach, and in particular our Healthy Planet pillar, we have been looking for some time at ways in which we can contribute to animal welfare and offer our customers a real alternative to animal products,” explained Simon Frischemeier, Head of Sustainability Management at the LSG Group. “Thanks to our new relationship with NotCo, we now have access to ingredients and specific know how in the area of plant-based food, which we can now also pass on to our customers in the form of new food concepts.”

The idea behind NotCo is both simple and ingenious: NotCo’s Giuseppe, its proprietary artificial intelligence technology, in combination with its team of chefs and food scientists allow the company to create true plant-based replacements faster, better and more accurately than anyone else in the industry. NotCo is the only company that has been able to disrupt three main animal-based protein categories simultaneously – dairy, eggs and meat.

“We were amazed by NotCo’s expertise and the taste and texture of their products after our initial product tastings,” said Bill Gillen, Director of Culinary Excellence at the LSG Group in the Americas region. “My team and I are excited to now develop this idea further and translate it into the airline and retail worlds.”  

“We are super excited about our partnership with the LSG Group and look forward to our first plant-based concepts powered by NotCo together,” said Matias Muchnick, cofounder and CEO at NotCo. “The collaboration with LSG Sky Chefs, the airline-catering market leader in the USA and Latin America allows us to reach a wider audience of customers in the airline industry, and continue our mission of removing the animal from the equation with delicious plant-based options.

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