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Lypid launches world’s first plant-based pork belly in the USA and Asia Pacific

May 9, 2023

With 42% of global consumers identifying themselves as 'flexitarians', global food suppliers have been continuously searching for tastier and more sustainable meat ingredients. In response to this demand, Lypid, the USA-based food-tech company whose Co-founder & CEO, Jen-Yu Huang, was interviewed in the April/May 2023 edition of Protein Production Technology International, has rolled out Lypid Pork Belly, the world's first plant-based pork belly.

Starting last month, Lypid Pork Belly was served in restaurants across the USA and Taiwan. For the launch, Lypid worked with two restaurant partners, plant-based bistro BaganHood and craft bar 23 Public, to serve five exclusive Lypid Pork Belly dishes. BaganHood offered plant-based 'Bacon Mac and Cheese' and 'Bacon and Egg Florentine Pizza', both of which feature meaty, luscious 'bacon pieces' made by Lypid Pork Belly. 23 Public also served 'Braised Pork Belly Rice', 'Bacon Fries', and 'Juicy Meatballs', starting from 24 April, inviting gourmets to experience Lypid Pork Belly in a range of delicious preparations.

Made from 100% plant-based ingredients and the patented PhytoFat vegan fat, Lypid Pork Belly is a juicy, meaty plant-based pork belly that offers impeccable taste and texture. High in protein and free of antibiotics and cholesterol, it is 85% lower in saturated fat, 39% lower in calories and 69% lower in sodium compared to traditional pork bacon. Developed to sizzle, smell and taste like traditional pork belly, Lypid Pork Belly is a versatile ingredient designed for diverse cooking scenarios, such as sautéing, frying, and baking.

“Despite the growing popularity of plant-based diets, the lack of whole-cut meat alternatives remains a challenge," said Huang. "Most plant-based products currently available are in a ground form, which can limit their versatility in recipes and dining experiences. Lypid’s pork belly provides a new option that offers a wider range of possibilities to fill the gap in the alternative meat market. We look forward to collaborating with top restaurants to promote a sustainable dietary culture through our innovative product."

“By combining PhytoFat with a unique fibrous protein alternative, we are able to create a meaty, savory, lip-smacking pork belly experience,” added Dr Michelle Lee, Lypid’s Co-founder & CTO.

Last year, Lypid successfully launched its PhytoFat product with Louisa Coffee, the largest coffeehouse company in Taiwan, serving juicy, meaty plant-based burger patties to over 500 shops, and taking home the first place for the 2023 “Ingredient Innovation” at FoodBev Media’s World Food Innovation Awards. Utilizing its signature plant-based fat technology PhytoFat, Lypid Pork Belly is their first product under its B2B plant-based meat product line. Earlier this year at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, the revolutionary Pork Belly was named one of the top three future foods by Green Queen and recommended by The Spoon as a food innovator to watch.

In March at the Future Food-Tech summit, San Francisco Marriott Marquis’ Executive Chef David Hollands and Executive Sous Chef Bernardita Gotis served Adobo Garlic Fried Rice with Lypid Pork Belly. “It’s an interesting product and has all of the layers that pork belly has,” Chef Hollands commented. “When it’s cooked, it behaves like pork belly – it becomes crispy and doesn’t solidify immediately. Not all vegan products perform like the real thing.”

Lypid has set sights on pork, the most consumed meat in the world that results in serious climate impact. Starting from 'pork belly', the food-tech company aims to broaden what plant-based meat can offer, providing a more sustainable, tasty and healthy dietary choice for the public.

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