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Lypid partners with Louisa Coffee to bring plant-based burger patties to more than 500 Taiwanese stores

Lypid, the San Francisco, USA-based, alternative fats specialist, has announced a partnership with Louisa Coffee, the largest coffeehouse company in Taiwan, to serve plant-based burger patties to over 500 shops nationwide.

Featuring Lypid’s proprietary vegan fat, 'PhytoFat', the patty perfectly replicates the tasting experience of meat and leads alternative food closer to mainstream consumers. Six menu items are served in the collaboration, including sandwiches, rice burgers, muffins, and bagels, marking the booming activities of sustainable diets in the Asia-Pacific market.

Chris Huang, Founder and Chairman of Louisa Coffee, vigorously promotes the new plant-based meat series with an aim to “provide delicious food that is better for the body and the planet".

Lypid’s signature, PhytoFat, is a culinary-friendly animal fat analog that is the key to make vegan meat taste like real meat. “In the current market, ‘fat’ is the missing ingredient in the majority of plant-based meats. Vegan oils used today simply melt and leak out of the food matrices due to lower melting points,” commented Dr Michelle Lee, Co-founder & CTO of Lypid. “With our PhytoFat,  we are bringing the secret sauce back.”

Made out of 97% vegan oils and water, Lypid’s PhytoFat maintains its animal fat-like qualities when cooked above 329 degrees Fahrenheit (165 Celsius), enhancing the texture and flavor delivery of plant-based meat. PhytoFat also provides a better nutritional profile, allowing a reduction of both calories and saturated fat compared to animal fat.  

“We are thrilled to work with such an incredible partner to bring delicious alternative food to our daily life and show the infinite possibilities that PhytoFat can offer for sustainability initiatives. This is an amazing achievement for our efforts in advancing the plant-based movement," added Dr Jen-Yu Huang, Co-founder & CEO of Lypid. “With the early success and highly positive feedback from consumers, we aim to take our innovation to more channels in the following months.”  

Lypid showcases its technology readiness and versatility upon the launch with the coffee chain tycoon. With products being served at more than 500 outlets, Lypid plans to expand in additional sales channels and markets over the next year. With the newly-built production line, Lypid will continue partnering with pioneering food and beverage brands worldwide to create unprecedented dishes featuring PhytoFat.

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