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Marlow Foods, parent company of Quorn, sets up ingredients division to make its mycoprotein available to others

April 17, 2023

Pioneer of meat free, and home to Quorn, the UK’s number one meat free brand, Marlow Foods, has revealed plans to make the super protein in Quorn, mycoprotein, available to other food and beverage manufacturers.

Led by a new division, Marlow Ingredients, Marlow mycoprotein will be made available firstly in Europe and then internationally.

The announcement comes as last month’s UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Synthesis Report highlighted that urgent action must now be taken, to “secure a liveable future for all”.

“We have been trailblazers in meat free since we sold our first Quorn product in 1985," commented Marco Bertacca, Marlow Foods CEO. "We see it as our responsibility to provide healthy food for people and planet.

“We recognise the urgent need for humanity to eat more sustainably. By making our mycoprotein available to others, Marlow Ingredients will play a pivotal role in helping us achieve one of our missions – to tackle climate change by making great tasting food.”

Marlow Foods’ journey began in the 1960s based on one man’s vision to protect the world. Lord Rank led what became over 20 years of research into the creation of Marlow mycoprotein.

“Now, backed by decades of research, we know it is one of the best sources of protein there is,” added Bertacca.

Marlow mycoprotein is naturally high in protein. It provides all nine essential amino acids, is low in saturated fat and contains several vitamins and minerals. It is also high in fibre, uses 90% less land and water and produces 98% less carbon emissions than equivalent beef products.

A recent study from Northumbria University has also found that eating mycoprotein increases healthy gut bacteria and leads to a significant reduction in intestinal genotoxins - which can cause bowel cancer.

Marlow Foods has a long and successful heritage having produced mycoprotein for almost 40 years. The core ingredient in over 100 Quorn branded products, it is also powering the success of Quorn with QSR and food-service partners including KFC across Europe, Greggs in the UK and Quick restaurants in Belgium.

“There’s huge potential for our mycoprotein,” concluded Bertacca. “Alongside the delicious meat like texture and incredible nutritional and sustainable benefits it’s famous for, there’s exciting research happening into its ability to create more sustainable versions of other applications, such as dairy alternatives. Marlow Ingredients is initially focused on building partnerships with food manufacturers, but the potential for the future is very exciting.”

The launch forms part of Marlow Food’s mission to become a net positive business by 2030 and, in that year, provide 8 billion servings of mycoprotein - one for every person on the planet.

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