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Matrix F.T. hosts first public cultivated meat tasting in Ohio, USA

March 16, 2023

Matrix F.T., a developer of edible, animal component-free and customizable scaffolds and microcarriers for the alternative protein industry, has hosted the first public cultivated meat tasting, which took place 9 March at Vaso, in Dublin, Ohio.

The exclusive, invite-only event included industry innovation leaders, policy makers, investors and economic development professionals selected by Matrix F.T. At the event, guests enjoyed two kinds of foods featuring Matrix F.T. products: a hybrid, cultivated chicken bite and a plant-based sausage with a novel Matrix F.T. fat and oil replacer designed to enhance the taste of plant-based foods.

To make the chicken bite, chicken myoblasts obtained from a Matrix F.T. university partner were cultivated on its unique, animal component-free and edible microcarriers and integrated into a plant-based recipe to create a savory, hybrid cultivated product.

Matrix F.T. also served two pieces of plant-based sausage: one with Matrix F.T. product, and the other without. "The difference was clear: the sausage with Matrix F.T.'s product was juicy, had great mouth-feel and enhanced the overall flavor", commented one guest.

The event also featured a presentation by Teryn Wolfe, CEO of Matrix F.T. who explained the company's products, vision for the future, and the contributions that the company is making to the alternative protein space and Ohio's growing food tech industry.

"This was an important milestone for everyone in the room, for Matrix F.T. as a company, for our industry, and of course for the State of Ohio," said Wolfe. "Although Matrix F.T. does not make cultivated meat nor do we intend to do so – showing a proof of concept and our expertise as materials engineers, cell culture scientists and food scientists is critical to proving that the cultivated meat industry is ready to scale - and that it is possible at scale with our products."

Wolfe also painted a vision for the future of Matrix F.T. as a key actor in the development of Ohio's evolving food technology and production ecosystem. "Our vision for Matrix F.T. is to serve the global alternative protein industry from right here in Ohio, while also contributing innovative ideas to the growing statewide biotechnology industry here and helping attract more actors from our industry to our region."

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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