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MeaTech granted patent for physical manipulation of cultured muscle tissue

MeaTech 3D has announced that it has received its first patent out of several that are currently pending. The patent, granted by IP Australia, is based on the company's development of systems and methods to apply external forces to muscle tissue that result in the development of high-quality complex structured meat.

One of the main challenges of producing structured meat is to enable the muscle tissue to mature with an enhanced fibrous texture that results in a mouthfeel with the right elasticity, density and taste. "Our patented systems and methods strengthen and enhance cultured muscle tissues in a way that mimics how a cow's muscles are developed while it walks and grazes," said Dan Kozlovski, MeaTech's Chief Technology Officer.

"We are excited about the first patent approval of our novel technology and processes," added Arik Kaufman, MeaTech's CEO. "This achievement strengthens the company's IP which we believe will help speed up MeaTech's entry into the market as the leading producer of high-quality cultivated whole cuts of meat. We will also provide technology and services to third-party food-sector players."

MeaTech is an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultured meat revolution. MeaTech aims to provide an alternative to industrialized animal farming that dramatically reduces carbon footprint, minimizes water and land usage, and prevents the slaughtering of animals. With a modular factory design, MeaTech aims to offer a sustainable solution for producing a variety of beef, chicken and pork products, both as raw materials and whole cuts.

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