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Mewery advances cultivated meat development with establishment of stable cell line

May 7, 2024

Mewery, a company developing innovative cultivated meat solutions, announced today a key advancement in its product development process. The company has successfully established a stable cell line, a significant step towards enabling large-scale production of cultivated meat.

“This achievement represents another important step forward in our ongoing efforts to bring cultivated meat to consumers,” said Vladislav Strmiska, Chief Science Officer at Mewery. “The establishment of a stable cell line lays the groundwork for consistent, high-quality meat production without relying on animal agriculture.”

The science team conducted numerous cell isolations to identify those that exhibited the most favorable response to Mewery's proprietary co-cultivation technology.

A stable cell line is a population of cells that can continuously grow and retain their desired properties over many generations. This breakthrough offers Mewery several advantages. Stable cells allow for precise control and characterization, ensuring that every batch delivers the same piece of cultivated meat. This innovation eliminates the need for animals in the production process, making cultivated meat a more sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional meat production. The stable cell line paves the way for large-scale cultivated meat production, bringing this revolutionary product closer to becoming a reality for consumers.

In addition to the stable cell line, Mewery has also expanded its cell bank to include multiple types of non-GMO porcine cell types. This diversity provides a foundation for future developments. By focusing on optimizing the growth conditions for these cells, Mewery can ensure faster and more efficient production. Moreover, with different cell lines, Mewery can create a vast array of cultivated meat products, e.g. various cuts of meat.

Mewery’s next steps involve further characterizing the stable cell line needs, adapting the cells to grow in suspension bioreactors, and testing its unique co-cultivation process in larger bioreactors (200 liters). These advancements will pave the way for even greater production efficiency and product innovation.

“We are committed to developing delicious, sustainable, and accessible cultivated meat for everyone,” commented Roman Lauš, Founder & CEO of Mewery. “This breakthrough brings us a significant step closer to achieving that goal.”

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