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MicroHarvest and VEGDOG unveil microbial protein dog treat

April 26, 2024

In a significant development for the pet food industry, German biotech startup, MicroHarvest, and animal-free pet food producer, VEGDOG, have teamed up to launch the first microbial protein dog treat, VEGDOG Pure Bites. The product will be showcased on 6 May at the 2024 Pet Food Forum during Interzoo Europe in Nuremberg, Germany.

VEGDOG Pure Bites represents a breakthrough in pet food, utilizing MicroHarvest’s microbial protein combined with hypoallergenic ingredients like potato and apple pomace. This formulation is especially suitable for dogs with severe allergies or intolerances, providing a nutritious, tasty, and digestible snack option. The innovative use of microbial protein not only enhances the sustainability of the product but also aligns with increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly pet food solutions.

MicroHarvest’s production process boasts a carbon footprint of only 1.4kg CO2 equivalent per kilogram of product, positioning it as a viable alternative to conventional pet food protein sources. This advancement is critical as the pet food industry seeks more sustainable and efficient protein solutions amid growing global protein demand.

Recent studies conducted by MicroHarvest in collaboration with Wageningen University have shown promising consumer response, with significant percentages of dog owners in the UK and Germany expressing willingness to purchase pet food products containing microbial protein. These studies underline the market readiness for alternative protein sources in pet food, reflecting broader trends towards sustainability and health-conscious consumer choices.

Katelijne Bekers, Co-founder of MicroHarvest, emphasized the strategic relevance of the partnership with VEGDOG. “Our consumer research demonstrates the potential for microbial ingredients to offer competitive protein alternatives to the pet food industry. With increasing pressure on the supply chain of animal-derived protein ingredients, our solution is a great way to differentiate the protein source choice for pet food manufacturers, being both highly reliable and scalable.”

“Our goal at VEGDOG is to show dog owners that they do not have to rely on meat-based products to feed their pets," stated Tessa Zaune-Figlar, Founder & CEO of VEGDOG. "By collaborating with MicroHarvest, we are bringing to market a promising snack that demonstrates our ability to innovate.”

“The microbial protein of MicroHarvest is proven to be highly digestible, palatable, and sustainable, ticking all the boxes for what we seek in innovative protein sources,” concluded Dr Carla Steffen, Head of R&D at VEGDOG.

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