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MicroHarvest becomes the first biomass fermentation company to join Food Fermentation Europe

March 7, 2024

MicroHarvest, a biotechnology company pioneering the production of sustainable protein ingredients through microorganisms, has become the first biomass fermentation player to join Food Fermentation Europe (FFE), the industry alliance in Europe for the food fermentation sector.

With FFE already comprising pioneering precision fermentation companies, MicroHarvest’s inclusion in the alliance validates the acceptance of biomass-fermented ingredients within the sector and opens the doors to cooperation with other industry players in delivering a more sustainable food system and wider uptake of the next generation of animal-free food.

“We are delighted to welcome MicroHarvest into our alliance as our first biomass fermentation member," commented Jevan Nagarajah, FFE President & Better Dairy CEO. "Leveraging their unique perspectives, we will continue to chart new frontiers for European food systems and pave the way for a more environmentally conscious future.”

While precision fermentation is a technology that allows the rewiring of microorganisms as ‘production factories’ for specific functional ingredients, biomass fermentation uses the high protein content and rapid growth of microorganisms to efficiently make highly scalable amounts of protein-rich foods.

Commenting on the development, Katelijne Bekers, MicroHarvest Co-Founder & CEO, said, “We’ve made some great progress alone but together with FFE we can make an ever greater impact, we are thrilled to join the ranks. We look forward to listening to different partners and exploring the full potential of fermentation-enabled solutions. By communicating and, most importantly, acting together, we can drive positive change in the food system. We believe the world will be eager to learn what food fermentation can do for it.”

Based in Hamburg and Lisbon, MicroHarvest has experienced exceptionally fast growth since its inception in 2021. Having raised EUR 10M to date, the company has already successfully achieved several milestones towards commercialization, including the launch of its pilot plant last November in Lisbon and securing a manufacturing partner.

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