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Motif FoodWorks launches plant-based, finished format portfolio at the National Restaurant Association Show

May 9, 2023

Motif FoodWorks, the food technology company making plant-based foods more delicious, is launching its food-service portfolio of Motif PorkWorks Plant-Based Ground and Motif BeefWorks Plant-Based Burger Patties and Grounds at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show. The company will also be showcasing a limited preview of Motif ChickenWorks Plant-Based Cutlets, which will launch later this year. Motif's portfolio of plant-based food-service products gives restaurant owners and operators menu options that mimic the taste and texture of real meat, satisfying consumer demand for better plant-based alternatives.

Taste and texture are the top two barriers to consumer adoption of plant-based meats – 53% of consumers said they would eat more meat alternatives if they tasted better and were more akin to the animal meat experience. Motif has transformed the plant-based industry with its pork, chicken, and beef alternatives by recreating the meaty flavor and springy, juicy texture found in animal products with their first two commercialized ingredient technologies. For taste, Motif created HEMAMI, a heme protein that provides a rich meaty flavor and aroma to plant-based meat alternatives. For texture, Motif created APPETEX, which simulates the connective tissue found in animal meat products with plant-based ingredients and offers the chewiness, springiness and juiciness found in animal meat. The combined use of HEMAMI and APPETEX delivers a range of more authentic, finished options for foodservice distributors and retailers.

"Motif answers operators' desire to meet consumer demand for great-tasting plant-based food by creating alternatives that truly mimic the taste and texture of animal meat," commented Michael Leonard, CEO. "With APPETEX and HEMAMI, we have refined our portfolio of products to meet the needs of food-service customers and are eager to share samples of what is the new benchmark in plant-based meats at NRA."

Motif FoodWorks will be sampling its new plant-based pork in several dishes, including Bahn Mi Meatball Toast and Kofta Kebab, in addition to its other plant-based meats at NRA from Saturday 20-23 May.

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