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Mush Foods LCA affirms 50CUT can reduce environmental impact by 50%

May 7, 2024

According to a new life cycle assessment (LCA) from Boundless Impact Research & Analytics (Boundless), 50CUT, Mush Foods' innovative mushroom and mushroom root blend for chefs, produces nearly nil greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) (<.02kg CO2e per 113g patty). The food innovator's 2024 Climate Impact Report demonstrates the significant impact the mushroom and mushroom root blend can have when used in meat dishes. Aptly named, chefs use 50CUT in place of approximately 50% of the meat by weight in a recipe, which translates to 1:1 reduction in CO2e emissions per burger.

These striking environmental benefits are the result of Mush Foods' innovative production model. The food tech leverages advanced proprietary indoor farming techniques that upcycle local agricultural waste to rapidly cultivate premium nutrient-rich mushroom and mushroom roots (mycelium) which require very little light and water to grow. While beef accounts for 41% of the livestock industry's emissions, given the low GHG impact of 50CUT, food-service operators can achieve significant overall reductions when including 50CUT in their meat dishes.

"We know that despite growing environmental concerns about meat, globally we are seeing notable increases in consumption. 50CUT is a remarkably efficient culinary response to this tension between aspiration and preference," commented Michele Demers, CEO of Boundless Impact Research & Analytics. "Mush Foods' cultivation method efficiently produces a high-quality protein source that, when combined with beef, creates a burger virtually identical to a full-meat patty in taste, but significantly better environmentally."

"While many consumers are willing to try vegetarian or vegan alternatives, very few strictly adhere to these lifestyles, despite the best of intentions. 50CUT can empower change without sacrifice," added Shalom Daniel, Co-founder & CEO of Mush Foods. "This LCA report makes clear that cutting meat consumption in half with 50CUT can have a true, meaningful impact.  Our goal is to create a food that can enable the broadest consumer base to have a positive environmental impact seamlessly. Our product name is a collective call to action."

Cultivation and production of 50CUT aligns with key United Nations Sustainability Goals (SDGs) – the need for resilient and responsible production, resource use efficiency, decarbonization and land preservation. The Mush Foods Sustainable Meat Solutions Climate Impact Report, March 2024 was conducted by Boundless following ISO-guided methodology with assisted reference to EPA methodology and underwent third party review by John Holliday.  Boundless is an industry research and environmental impact analytics firm that provides objective and actionable information to move investment dollars more quickly toward clean technologies and companies driving positive environmental change.

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