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Sweden's Mycorena and Atria form partnership for sustainable food

September 19, 2023

Mycoprotein producer, Mycorena, and Atria Sweden, a leading meat and food company in Northern Europe, have announced a strategic partnership to jointly develop and commercialize a new generation of sustainable and nutritious mycoprotein products such as sausages, hamburgers, and cold cuts.

Mycorena is a Swedish food-tech company that has developed a proprietary fungal fermentation process to produce the mycoprotein ingredient Promyc, a nutritious protein source. Mycoprotein is a complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids. It represents an environmentally friendly alternative to meat proteins. Mycorena aims to be the leading global supplier of sustainable mycelium-based products and technologies.

Atria Sweden boasts well-known brands such as Lönneberga, Lithells, Ridderheims and Sibylla. It produces and sells sausages, hamburgers, cold cuts, delicatessen and meal solutions for retailers and the food-service sector. A carbon-neutral food chain is Atria’s key goal and in its product development, Atria wants to contribute to a varied and climate-smart diet.

Under the partnership, Mycorena will scale up production of its mycoprotein and supply it to Atria. Atria will utilize its strong innovation and product development capabilities to create new meat substitute and alternative protein products based on mycoprotein. The new products will complement Atria's product range and meet the fast-growing consumer demand for sustainable protein sources. The partnership aims to revolutionize the global mycoprotein supply in the coming years.

“This partnership marks an important milestone for Mycorena,” commented Ramkumar Nair, CEO of Mycorena. “Atria’s expertise in product development and established customer base will help us accelerate the growth of the mycoprotein category in the European market.”

Åsa Josell, Product Development & Innovation Director at Atria Sweden, added, "Mycoprotein is an exciting new Swedish raw material for our product development. The partnership means that we can be pioneers when it comes to offering alternative protein products that are both sustainable, tasty and provide good nutrition without allergens.”

The cooperation agreement was signed in May at Mycorena's headquarters in Gothenburg. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

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