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Myrtle Greens new plant-based products win prestigious 2023 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards

May 21, 2023

Myrtle Greens, a company producing plant-based frozen entrees and proteins, has been awarded the 2023 FABI Award (Food and Beverage Innovation) from the National Restaurant Association for its most recent product launches: Vegetarian Plus Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings and Vegetarian Plus Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings.

The FABI Awards recognizes products that are breaking new barriers in flavors and taste for the food-service industry. “We feel this award perfectly aligns with our brand Vegetarian Plus’ mission to create delicious, plant-based, flavor forward, global foods that everyone can enjoy.” commented Tina Lin, President of Myrtle Greens.

Vegetarian Plus Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings was selected for its ability to masterfully feature a juicy, tender inside with a light, crispy breading that allows for the perfect coating of sauce or dry rub without any compromise to texture or taste. This product expands menu offerings by giving operators the chance to tap into the on-trend appetizer of boneless chicken wings with its endless choices of sauces and styles.

Taking the best of East meets West food trends is Myrtle Greens’ second 2023 FABI Award winning product, Vegetarian Plus Vegan Kung Pao Chicken Steamed Dumplings. These dumplings have a savory, meat-like taste and texture complete with its blend of Asian spices and seasonings. Made with the food operator in mind, these dumplings are easy to steam and serve as an appetizer, snack or main entree.

Known for her innovation and commitment to raising the bar for plant-based dining, Lin reflects, “Our plant-based wings and dumplings not only showcase our team’s culinary talents but also show just how far plant-based foods have come. Without needing to compromise on taste or texture, our products are the perfect plant-based crossover foods that appeal to everyone and make it easy to bring back the joy in gathering at restaurants and sharing foods.”

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