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Nature’s Fynd launches its dairy-free cream cheese at Select Whole Foods Market stores across USA

September 4, 2023

Nature’s Fynd, a food company making meat and dairy alternatives with Fy, a nutritional fungi protein, has added another product line to the shelves at select Whole Foods Market locations USA_wide. The brand’s Dairy-Free Original Cream Cheese can be found in the refrigerated section in stores from the Pacific Northwest to the Rocky Mountains to the East Coast beginning this month.

The Dairy-Free Cream Cheese is lactose-free, nut-free, soy-free and certified Kosher. It also has no artificial flavors or preservatives and is deliciously smooth and spreadable. It consistently matches traditional cream cheese in taste. It is completely vegan and a great substitute in any recipe.

“Our Dairy-Free Cream Cheese is a game-changer for consumers who are seeking delicious, vegan products,” said Thomas Jonas, CEO & Co-founder of Nature’s Fynd. “Whether they are excited to try another new food made from fungi or seeking an option with no dairy, soy or nuts. Our delicious cream cheese is gentler on the planet and is now broadly available at select Whole Foods Market stores across the country where we know our community shops regularly.”

Nature’s Fynd grows Fy from a nutritional fungi protein with origins in Yellowstone National Park via the company’s breakthrough fermentation process. Fy Protein is then crafted into delicious dairy-free cream cheese, meatless breakfast patties and many other types of amazing-tasting foods. Their growing method is efficient and sustainable, using just a fraction of the water, land, and energy required for traditional agriculture*.

“Fungi-based foods, like the ones made with Fy, are an innovative new category that we are really excited about,” said Nicole West, Whole Foods Market Category Merchant. “Nature’s Fynd first brought us their Meatless Breakfast Patties and now we’re adding their Dairy-Free Cream Cheese to many shelves across the nation, introducing our customers to even more of their delicious products.”

Nature’s Fynd launched its breakfast patties in Whole Foods Market stores regionally in May 2022 and gained national distribution for the protein-packed patties earlier this year. This new national distribution for the dairy-free cream cheese is an important milestone for Nature’s Fynd as consumers discover the versatility of Fy and incorporate delicious fungi-based foods into their lifestyle.

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