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New plant-based products at MILRAM and Alete bewusst

July 27, 2023

In spring 2022, DMK Group launched its first own plant-based products on the market under the MILRAM brand, in doing so laying the foundation for a complementary range alongside its main business, which continues to be milk-based, as part of its 'Strategy 2030'. Particularly in view of the large group of flexitarians, which offers the greatest growth potential among consumers, this is a decision geared toward sustainable growth. With its chosen path of also including vegan products in its assortment, the company is also responding to societal demands to provide consumers with a broader range as a producer of high-quality food.  

After the successful market launch of MILRAM Green with vegan puddings, a cacao drink as well as a rice dessert last year and the introduction of vegan spreads this year, two vegan rasps from MILRAM are now following suit, which are 100% plant-based. 'Pizza-Zeit' tastes mild and is ideal for sprinkling on pizza or baguettes. The product scores with the golden-yellow melting behaviour familiar from cheese and forms the popular strands “Auflauf-Zeit” is ideal for sprinkling on everything from casseroles to gratin. The crunchy crust of the spicy-tasting rasp also browns to a golden yellow. Both products are made from vegetable oils, potato starch and pea protein and will be on sale from August.

“Since we entered the vegan market, the figures have developed very positively," said Carsten Habermann, COO Brand at DMK Group. "I am all the more pleased that with MILRAM 'Pizza-Zeit' and 'Auflauf-Zeit' we can now also place the first vegan products in this category, which is so important for us. Particularly in the market for cheese alternatives, there is not yet a wide range of products for consumers. Thanks to our know-how in cheese production and as a top supplier to the trade in terms of cheese, we know what is important and can clearly stand out from the competition with our two products.”

The trend towards plant-based products is also growing in the infant food segment. Plant-based meals are a real and valuable alternative to bring variety and diversity to the plate. Alete bewusst is therefore also introducing the first purely plant-based jar food in August and is thus expanding its portfolio with the variants 'Colorful vegetable rice with chickpeas', 'Spaghetti with lentil bolognese' and 'Potato-chickpea stew'.

“As a manufacturer of infant nutrition, it is a matter of concern for us to also provide parents with a vegan range of our meals for their little ones, thus offering them a choice within our portfolio. I am pleased that with the vegan jars we have consciously taken a first step here with our Alete brand. In the future, we want to add more vegan products to the range,” added Tim Meyerhoff, COO Baby at DMK Group.

The new Alete bewusst menus with 100% vegetable proteins from chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils and peas are, like the rest of the range, made in the best organic quality, completely without the addition of sugar, salt and flavorings. The menus are suitable for infants from 1 year.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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