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Novozymes launches new biosolution to redefine the plant-based meat experience

October 2, 2023

Novozymes has announced the launch of 'Vertera ProBite', a solution that it suggests will advance the plant-based meat industry by changing the need for manufacturers’ use of unwanted texturizers to a natural alternative. Vertera ProBite will address and resolve the primary consumer concerns of texture and long ingredient lists and encourage more individuals to make the switch from traditional meat to plant-based alternatives.

"This product launch represents a significant milestone in the plant-based meat sector," said Birgitte Schou Borch, Head of the Plant & Food Business, Novozymes. "Vertera ProBite has the potential to redefine the consumer experience by improving the texture issue and at the same time enable a more consumer-friendly label. Two areas which are still hindering the widespread adoption of plant-based alternatives."

Vertera ProBite is an innovation based on the enzyme MTGase (microbial transglutaminase E.C., designed to enhance the texture of plant-based products. Unlike previous solutions, Vertera ProBite offers the unique advantage of requiring no labeling, marking a significant breakthrough for the plant-based meat industry.

Key features of Vertera ProBite include texture enhancement, simple label, and ease of handling.

Vertera ProBite has been specifically engineered to address the texture issue in plant-based meat products. It delivers an exceptional mouth-feel and consistency, ensuring a more satisfying culinary experience for consumers.

Additionally, it is approved as a processing aid, with its technological function fully realized during the food processing stage. This innovative approach means that any unintentional but technically unavoidable presence of the enzyme in the final product does not necessitate labeling, which will eliminate potential barriers to market entry by offering transparency and simplicity to consumers and enable to elimination of unwanted texturizers.

Vertera ProBite is a also liquid product, making it incredibly easy to dose and handle safely during food production. Its user-friendly nature is a boon for food manufacturers seeking efficiency in their operations.

Novozymes is committed to driving innovation in biosolutions and promoting sustainable food choices. Vertera ProBite is another testament to the company's dedication to making the transition to plant-based diets more accessible and enjoyable for consumers worldwide.

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