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OZO® Launches Eat Flexitarian Day to Celebrate the Plant-Based Lifestyle

Colorado plant-based protein brand OZO is thrilled to announce the official first annual “Eat Flexitarian Day,” on June 13, 2022. The holiday was created to celebrate flexitarians and food lovers throughout the United States and Canada while encouraging people to spice up their meals by incorporating more delicious plant-based protein.

The flexitarian lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular with thirty-six percent of grocery customers aged 18 and older identifying as flexitarian*. Eat Flexitarian Day is a holiday for people everywhere to try the incredibly delicious world of plant-based, while continuing to enjoy their favorite savory foods like chicken and bacon. Offering a variety of plant-based protein products – from ground turkey to chicken, breakfast sausage and bacon – OZO delivers the juicy, savory flavor of traditional meat protein sources without sacrificing taste and quality. With their True Bite™ promise, OZO products deliver an incredibly flavorful experience made from plants for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and even diehard meat lovers.

“It’s an exciting time in the plant-based world, with more people opening their minds to the endless, delicious possibilities of flexitarianism,” said Darcey Macken, Planterra Foods CEO. “OZO was founded to meet people where they are in their food journey, especially for consumers who want to make healthier choices not only for themselves but also for their family and for the planet, without having to sacrifice the flavor and taste of the food they love. That’s what flexitarianism is all about – incorporating plant-based foods in simple, convenient, and tasty ways that make sense for you and your eating habits.”

The flexitarian lifestyle gives people the freedom to plan their meals according to whatever is most suitable for them. It is a lifestyle choice, not a strict diet, and meals can switch between plant-based and meat proteins, enjoying the best of both worlds to satisfy either craving. This sustainable and healthy lifestyle promotes food choices to help you eat well, feel good and live your best life with clean, protein-packed options.

To celebrate the holiday, OZO is bringing the OZO Summer Sizzle Tour to states across the U.S. The tour kicked off in May in Colorado and is stopping at cities in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Arkansas, including a celebration in Dallas for the first annual Eat Flexitarian Day.

About Planterra Foods

OZO is owned by Planterra Foods, an innovative, plant-based protein company based in Colorado dedicated to bringing exceptional variety and thoughtful plant-based protein choices - that are beneficial to both you and the planet - to the table. Innovation, convenience and taste are at the forefront of Planterra Foods and OZO, the first retail brand now available at local grocery stores. Planterra Foods is owned by JBS USA, one of the world’s leading food companies.

Source: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20220613005683/en/OZO%C2%AE-Launches-Eat-Flexitarian-Day-to-Celebrate-the-Plant-Based-Lifestyle

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