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Pacific Ridge tackles plant-based processing

April 28, 2023

With consumer demand for more sustainable products increasing, regenerative farming food company, Pacific Ridge Corp (PACRIDGE), has shared its method for creating plant-based milk and other ingredients. PACRIDGE’s technology processes regenerative oats without creating waste, and its ingredients can be used in food and petfood applications among others.

The technology, called Sonic Milling, leverages water and energy, creating shockwaves of sonic energy that can break apart whole grains, nuts and seeds while retaining flavor quality and nutritional value. According to PACRIDGE, this process offers more sustainable benefits for producing plant-based foods and ingredients.

“Sonic Milling technology creates products that are not just sustainable, but also healthier and more nutrient-dense,” commented Ken Grenier, CEO of PACRIDGE. “The plant-based beverages and ingredients are delicious, highly digestible and protein-rich.”

Using this technology, PACRIDGE plans to launch an oat milk product for humans. Sonic Milling can also be used to create more sustainable, plant-based pet food ingredients.

“Our goal is to supply healthier plant-based food products and sustainable ingredients,” Grenier said. “Driven by consumer demand, Sonic Milling is piloting the technology with oat milk and oat creamers. The technology expands beyond beverage to many categories. Our clean ingredients are ideal for bakeries, pharmaceuticals, pet foods and much more.”

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Canada, PACRIDGE recently expanded its corporate operations into the USA this past March with new headquarters in Arkansas. Committed to sustainability, the company is dedicated to soil-to-shelf regenerative farming to help supply healthier plant-based products.

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