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Pall's filtration technology plays role in EverGrain‘s new large-scale protein facility

Filtration, separation and purification technology specialist, Pall Corporation, has supplied the filtration solution for EverGrain’s new large-scale plant-based protein facility in St. Louis, Missouri.

EverGrain’s new facility focuses on upcycling brewer’s saved grains with Pall Membralox Microfiltration System, which uses ceramic membranes with gradient permeability to purify the valuable protein. The purified high-functional protein, previously used for animal feed, can now be converted into nutritious, plant-friendly ingredients for other food products.

With global protein consumption expected to double by 2050, there is an urgent need to develop alternative protein sources more sustainably. Pall and EverGrain have partnered to support EverGrain’s mission to revolutionize sustainable ingredients using a proprietary upcycled process, focused on transforming barley used in the brewing process into high-quality, nutritious and sustainable protein ingredients for use in other food and beverage products. The new facility is the first commercial-scale facility dedicated to upcycling barley at scale and will play a significant role in creating a sustainable supply of plant protein to fill growing consumer demand.

“Plant-based and other alternative proteins continue to grow in importance as global protein consumption rapidly increases,” commented Dan Huntsberger, Vice President & General Manager of Food & Beverage at Pall. “Through our partnership with EverGrain, we’ve been able to apply our advanced microfiltration technology to upcycle brewer’s saved grain into a valuable protein source that can be used in a variety of other foods and beverages.”

“We started our journey in 2013, long before upcycling was a trend, with the goal of unlocking every grain of potential in our barley to have a positive impact on people and the planet,” added Gregory Belt, EverGrain CEO. “This new commercial facility in St. Louis is a significant milestone in our journey to transform spent barley at scale into one of the world’s most sustainable, accessible, plentiful sources of plant-based protein.”

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