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Pea protein a key ingredient in new plant-based products

For consumers following a plant-based diet, finding an adequate source of protein is an important focus.

Two companies at the Specialty Food Association, Inc.’s annual Summer Fancy Food Show use pea protein as a main ingredient in their new plant-based products.

1. Plant-based milk

California-based Ripple Foods featured its new plant-based milk product Oatmilk Plus Protein that launched in January.

With six grams of pea protein per serving, Oatmilk Plus Protein is free of many common allergens like soy, nuts, gluten and lactose.

Oatmilk Plus Protein is as close to dairy milk as possible in terms of nutrition, taste and texture, said Shannon Ortiz, brand director, channel at Ripple Foods.

However, compared to dairy milk, Oatmilk Plus Protein has 50% more calcium and is also lower in sugar.

Ortiz said that the Oatmilk Plus Protein follows the huge success of Ripple Kids, a plant-based milk developed with pediatricians for growing bodies that was released in 2021.

One serving of Ripple Kids contains eight grams of protein, along with prebiotic fiber and DHA Omega-3.

2. Plant-based seafood

Gathered Foods’ brand Good Catch featured a new plant-based tuna at the 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show.

The Plant-Based Bulk Tuna Flake contains 21 grams of protein per serving, derived from Good Catch’s six-plant protein blend.

It tastes like real tuna, is easy to prepare and is incredibly versatile, said Billy Lullo, chief sales officer at Good Catch Foods.

The deli-style tuna is currently available in the deli/prepared foods sections of Whole Foods and other grocery retail stores across Texas.

Source: https://www.supermarketperimeter.com/articles/8290-pea-protein-a-key-ingredient-in-new-plant-based-products

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