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Perfect Day and Unilever launch new Breyers lactose-free chocolate ice cream

February 22, 2024

Perfect Day, the precision fermentation innovator and supplier, has partnered with Unilever's Breyers to launch Breyers Lactose-Free Chocolate made with Perfect Day's dairy protein from fermentation. Perfect Day uses a decades-old process of precision fermentation to create its highly functional whey protein that offers the same experience consumers have loved for decades without any lactose and with a reduced environmental footprint. Breyers Lactose-Free Chocolate is available in a 48oz tub available across the USA, starting this month.

This launch from Perfect Day and Breyers aims to make ice cream even more sustainable by introducing a product with a smaller environmental footprint. In addition to being lactose free, the Breyers Lactose-Free Chocolate with Perfect Day is also cholesterol-free.

"We are thrilled to have developed this new product with Unilever, a hallmark example of how our second decade is focused on driving growth through collaboration with leading companies that share our mission of a kinder, greener tomorrow," said TM Narayan, Perfect Day's CEO. "We're inspired to see that more companies are turning to precision fermentation as a no compromise option to continue to maintain their leadership position as consumer demands evolve for the future of our planet."

Perfect Day's protein is the same as the whey protein in milk people are familiar with, with all the flavor, texture, and functionality benefits and a lower environmental impact. An ISO-compliant, third-party reviewed life cycle assessment (LCA) found that Perfect Day's process reduces blue water consumption by up to 99%, greenhouse gas emissions by up to 97%, and non-renewable energy use by up to 60%, when compared to traditional production methods.

"The launch of Breyers Lactose-Free Chocolate with animal-free dairy is an exciting and innovative addition to Breyers' growing better-for-you portfolio," says Lisa Vortsman, Chief Marketing Officer for Unilever Ice Cream North America. "As we've seen demand for alternative ice creams continue to grow, it is important to us to provide Breyers fans with frozen treats that meet their dietary needs and preferences, without compromising on the creamy taste and flavor that Breyers has offered for more than 150 years."

This product joins Perfect Day's growing portfolio of partner brands using its kinder, greener ingredient as well as the companies who have turned to its enterprise biology business, nth Bio, to extend the impact of precision fermentation. The company is kicking off this new year and its next chapter with strong partnership momentum across these two business units, poised for accelerated growth through collaboration.

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