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Phycom prepares for growth: change in management and installation of Supervisory Board

March 25, 2024

On the 15th anniversary of microalgae producer, Phycom, its founder, Erwin Houtzager, has transferred executive responsibility to Willem Kuijsten, who has been active as CFO since 2019. The transfer has been officially confirmed by shareholders and the newly appointed Supervisory Board (SB).

"My initial backyard experiments evolved into the development and construction of two facilities for microalgae production, with biotechnology as the driving force," explained Houtzager. "I am proud that Phycom appointed Willem Kuijsten as the new CEO (pictured above), whose personal qualities align with our ambitions. My collaboration with Willem has been very intensive and fruitful for many years. As CTO, I will continue to work closely with Willem."

"I see it as a great challenge to take Phycom to the next phase, where development, production, and sales and marketing are the focal points," added Kuijsten. "It is enjoyable to utilize the new SB's knowledge and expertise fully."

The Supervisory Board (SB) was appointed following two recent investment rounds. The SB will supervise and support Phycom in this phase of its development. Each SB member contributes unique substantive expertise, which is crucial for Phycom to achieve further professionalisation.

The following individuals have been appointed to the Supervisory Board of Phycom. Peter Reinders (chairman) brings broad managerial experience as a commissioner, director, and advisor. He has worked for research organisation ATO and management consultancy McKinsey and served as a managing partner for law firm Lexence. Reinders is a committed chairman who supports the board with advice and action.

Rob Baan (commissioner) is a co-founder and owner of Koppert Cress, a company specializing in Microgreens. Koppert Cress's greenhouses in the Westland region of the Netherlands are among the most modern and sustainable structures in global horticulture. Baan advocates healthy food as disease prevention and is praised for his entrepreneurship and innovation.

Saskia Korink (commissioner) is the Investment Director of the Food & Agri Fund at Anders Invest. She is an experienced executive with an extensive international food and feed industry background. She previously held key positions at companies such as Cargill, Nutreco, and BCG. Korink has a track record in strategic impact and effectiveness.

Jan Slootweg (commissioner) is a business-oriented financial professional with management experience in impact investments, treasury, and data science. He has gained broad financial knowledge and experience at companies such as ABN-AMRO, Nutreco, and SHV and has held various non-executive director positions in aqua technology. Slootweg is valued for his financial expertise and team-oriented contribution.

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