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Phytokana Ingredients Inc announces F70 LVC faba protein concentrate

June 17, 2024

Phytokana Ingredients Inc, a private company based in Alberta, Canada, has announced a breakthrough in plant-based ingredient innovation with the launch of its F70 LVC Faba Protein Concentrate. This high purity concentrate is the culmination of combined crop science and automation and technology innovation to yield a high-purity 70% protein concentrate, retaining native functionality with superior sensory attributes and addressing key anti-nutritional requirements for widespread use of faba ingredients in a diverse set of customer-validated human food applications ranging from alternative meat to non-dairy food and beverage applications.

F70 LVC Faba Protein Concentrate will be produced at Phytokana’s to-be-built custom-designed dry fractionation facility in Strathmore, Alberta, sourcing faba crop from regional farmers and employing processing technologies free from heat, water and chemicals, which retains native functionality while achieving a superior taste and colour profile versus existing pulse protein offerings in the marketplace. The fully automated processing facility will leverage data for machine learning to deliver much-desired consistency in product quality, from batch-to-batch-to-batch.

“Our team has tested and evaluated several faba bean varieties and piloted niche processing and automation technologies with a common objective of retaining native functionality, while addressing pervasive customer demands for more consistent product quality and addressing key anti-nutritional thresholds for widespread inclusion of faba in plant-based foods,” said Dr Laure Laval, Chief Innovation Officer at Phytokana.

Phytokana’s collaboration with customers has yielded exceptional results from alternative meat applications to non-dairy formulations, demonstrating high and stable solubility across pH levels, and high emulsification and gelling properties. Grounded in technologies that preserve native functionality, independent taste testing confirms reduced bitterness and astringency versus other faba ingredients, with a white/off-white colour suitable for a diverse range of plant-based meat and dairy applications. These sensory achievements eliminate the need for masking agents in food formulations, simplifying ingredients and lowering costs for food manufacturers.

The growing region around the Town of Strathmore is an optimal and proximate catchment for sourcing crops, allowing Phytokana to minimize transportation emissions and work in close collaboration with farmers on implementing best practices for greenhouse gas emissions management for this high nitrogen fixing crop. Combined with Phytokana's proposed processing facility which is being designed to limit Scope 1 emissions using the internationally recognized methodology and testing methods, the expected low life cycle emissions of its product align with the emissions objectives of its customers.

“With a commitment to research and innovation, using internationally recognized methodology and testing methods, our team is delivering novel solutions to the food industry and making great sustainability strides towards zero waste and reducing the greenhouse gas footprint for food, all while addressing the paramount need of reducing supply costs in the industry,” commented Chris Theal, President & CEO at Phytokana.

In May 2024, Phytokana engaged two investment banks to raise approximately CA$38 million in a Series C financing. The offering is being co-led by Roth Capital Partners and ATB Capital Markets. Upon successful closing of the offering, Phytokana management will seek approval of a Final Investment Decision from its Board of Directors to commence construction of the processing facility.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us, please email info@futureofproteinproduction.com

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