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Plant-based disruptor introduces partnership with JUST Egg and integration of HME technology

July 24, 2023

Alpha Foods, the plant-based brand, has unveiled a brand portfolio renovation marked by a forthcoming partnership with JUST Egg and the integration of new high-moisture extrusion (HME) technology. This renovation is driven by powerful consumer and retailer insights that reveal the plant-based category is yearning for an industry refresh and seeking craveable, convenient, and accessible products that offer uncompromising nutrition.

Following its recent partnership with The EVERY Co., Alpha is excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with JUST Egg, the market leader in the plant-based egg category. Both companies share leadership in innovation, offering consumers beloved plant-based favorites and working toward a healthier, safer, and more sustainable breakfast landscape and will collaborate this fall as a part of Alpha's product renovation plans.

Additionally, Alpha recently introduced HME technology for processing its plant-based Chik'n Strips, which cook, shred, and taste just like their animal-based counterparts. The HME technology utilizes a specialized cooking and stirring method at high heat and pressure, resulting in products with fewer ingredients while maintaining uncompromising nutrition, including higher protein content, lower carbohydrates, and fewer calories. HME technology integration fuels continued innovation for Alpha with creating craveable plant-based options that authentically mimic the taste and texture of chicken. For example, the Homestyle Chik'n Strips offer 18g protein, 7g carbohydrates, and 160 calories per serving. Among other new product announcements, Alpha recently introduced the Chik'n & Maple Waffle Sandwich, a plant-based twist on a brunch classic, with many more additions to its product portfolio scheduled for launch later this year.

As part of Alpha's evolution, it is also renovating its core product portfolio with formulation changes that provide an enhanced eating experience packed with nutrition at an accessible price point. Formulation updates include Alpha's All-Day Burritos, which will now incorporate the new HME protein and increased nutritional value, creating an enhanced meaty and cheesy experience that consumers will love. Two of their most popular products, Alpha's Original Chik'n Nuggets and Alpha's Crispy Chik'n Patties, will also be updated with a formulation refresh that enhances the juiciness and flavor shining through with every bite.

"These partnerships with JUST Egg and EVERY Co, combined with our use of our new HME protein and enhanced formulations, will enable us to continue bringing innovative, craveable, and delicious products to our consumers, thus solidifying Alpha's position as a leader that continues to create the most craveable, convenient and accessible options in the plant-based market," said Cole Orobetz, CEO of Alpha. "These partnerships are key to our company's growth and contribute to raising awareness about the continuous innovation needed within the plant-based category. We remain committed to empowering consumers to transition into plant-based eating through Alpha's crave-worthy offerings, while showcasing the positive impacts on their health, animal welfare, and the environment, all without feeling restricted by food labels."

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